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William Carlos Whitten – Burn My Letters
As mentioned previously, we are completely sold out of Burn My Letters – first solo album by ex-St Johnny / Grand Mal mastermind Bill Whitten! Couldn’t have happened without people that wrote reviews of BML, played songs from it or mentioned it in some way another, so as our way of saying “thank you” we’re bringing back the report cards for the album!

And remember – not all heroes wear capes…
Report Card #1 – Radio Night Train, 50thirdand3rd, Noisecrumbs, Tabs Out, Critical Masses, Ezra Brooks, Arise, Nick Cyanide, The Silent League, August Wells, Guiding Light, Declared Goods, Muzic Machine
Report Card #2 – Turn Up the Volume, Montriblood, Half, Auxiliary Out, Simple Partial, Verses Records, Evol Kween, Robot Speaker, Rosco, Near Perfect Pitch
Report Card #3 – Generating Steam Heat, Night Folk on IO, Omnivore’s Antenna, Simon Edwards, Mass Ave and Beyond, The Bottom Forty, In Memory of John Peel, Evan Davies, Old Time Religion Radio Hour, Badd Press
Report Card #4 – For All and None, Myriad Muzik, People Are the Enemy, Tim Wilson, Alice Peter-Burns, Free Your Radio, Willie McAlpine, Odubhda, Scott Orr, Stuart Ross, Greg Kuchmek, Incentive, Collections of Dead Souls

Recent Developments

March 20th, 2019 episode of For the Record show (Bombshell Radio) featured by “Every Man for Himself” and “Poor Thing” by WCW. Other artists featured on the show included Siouxee and the Banshees, Mind Cinema, 2p Soldiers, Endemico and Brothertiger
– Pop Magazine Heaven (Netherlands) posted a review of BML. See translated version here.
– We put together two volumes of BML mixes – both dedicated to outtakes from the album. Volume 1 can be found here and volume 2 can be found here.
– Bill contributed his song Fallen Fruit to our Winter 2019 Sampler.
– Last, but not least…two pieces that Bill wrote for 50thirdand3rd!
Johnny Thunders – So Alone / 40th Anniversary Release
On Exile: A Former Prisoner of New York Reflects

This is all that we got for now regarding BML, but there are more Bill-related announcements on the way, so stay tuned and don’t forget to visit Saint Mal blog and/or follow him on Twitter.

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