Listen: Burning Our Letters – Vol. 1: Piano, Guitar
Listen: Burning Our Letters – Vol. 1: Piano, Guitar

Listen: Burning Our Letters – Vol. 1: Piano, Guitar

This music is sick. It’s nauseating. It makes me feel like I’m deep sea fishing, lurching over the waves and the only thing in the water is copulating eels covered in oil. It has no right to exist. The keyboard line sounds like a toy train leading children to internment camps. Do you know these things are real. Do you know that they actually exist. I heard a theory that the rise of political correctness in the 1980s was linked to growing feelings of political powerlessness around that time. So the theory goes that as people lost, or no longer felt they had, the power to affect society on a political level, they turned their attention to affecting society on a societal level.

We’re down to just 3 copies of Burn My Letters, first solo release from an ex-St. Johnny / Grand Mal mastermind Bill Whitten! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by kicking off yet another series of mixes – this one built around unreleased songs that Bill is putting up on his Soundcloud.

First volume is dedicated to the song Piano, Guitar and features music from Morphine, Guiding Light, Mishka Shubaly and many more! You might also want to look into Vol. 1 and 2 of mixes we made around Howcha Magowcha by Turkish Delight, our other release.




William Carlos Whitten

Piano, Guitar

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The Triangle Man

How Does the Spirit Know Where to Go When the Body Dies

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Lida Husik


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Roy Montgomery

Jaguar Meets Snake

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Paul Littlewood


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Mishka Shubaly


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St. Johnny

My Funny Valentine (Babes in Arms)

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The Suitor


Texas Rock Bottom

Guiding Light



Bo’s Veranda


The Walk to the Dep

Coastal Car

Ultraviolet Light

Dark Sunny Land

Tire Swing (For CK)



Corey J. Brewer

Every Man Has Your Voice

Pony Payroll Bones

Baby, I Ain’t Russian

Grand Mal

Guitar Strum in Dejection

Dr. Wolfbear



Uh Uh Oh

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