Burn My Letters Report Card #3 – Radio / Podcasts
Burn My Letters Report Card #3 – Radio / Podcasts

Burn My Letters Report Card #3 – Radio / Podcasts

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I know I’ve said it before but Burn My Letters could be the point where William Carlos Whitten takes up the mantle left by, dare I say, Mark Linkous (gasp!) Yes, I’ve said before that comparisons come cheap like Hunts Point hookers in the Bronx, but these artists have utilize ex-Mercury Rev bassist Dave Fridmann and both also create(d) expansively drawn-out musical landscapes that  have the ability to tame shrews and reign in monsters of destructive magnitude. More than halfway through this album I can’t help but think Paul McCartney is probably kicking himself for not thinking of composing “Poor Thing,” with its sweet harmonies and lulling melody.
We’re continuing the celebration of all things Bill Whitten / William Carlos Whitten (ex-St Johnny / Grand Mal) with a roundup of radio shows/podcasts that played tracks off of Burn My Letters. Check report 1 here and report 2 here and/or dive into the video playlist for BML!

Burn My Letters

162 GSH 180710 – via Generating Steam Heat
Night Folk in the Afternoon – via Night Folk on IO
Omnivore’s Antenna – via Omnivore’s Antenna / Takoma Radio WOWD-LP
Simon’s Big New Thursday Thing – via Simon Edwards
WZBC – via Mass Ave and Beyond

The Cinema

The Bottom Forty 06.13.18 – via The Bottom Forty with Greg Glover

Every Man For Himself

163 GHS 180717 – via Generating Steam Heat

In My Borsalino, Pointing a Revolver

In Memory of John Peel: 2018519 – via In Memory of John Peel

Poor Thing

The Evan “Funk” Davies Show – via Evan Davies / WFMU

You Are Them

Old Time Religion Radio Hour #1822: Argue Till We Die –  via Old Time Religion Radio Hour
The Moderns ep. 7 – via The Moderns

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