Burn My Letters – Report Card #2
Burn My Letters – Report Card #2

Burn My Letters – Report Card #2

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[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”15″]Bill “William Carlos” Whitten, against all odds, with his back against the wall, a true underdog in every respect, kept the dream alive, and here we are with “Burn My Letters,” a throwback, a progression, a snapshot of what Whitten’s got up his sleeve. More intimate than theatrically guitar-y, and, well, duh, Whitten’s older than even ME, so there’s a well-worn, lived-in quality to these tunes that I can totally relate to as an ex-indie rocker who used to practice guitar by adjusting feedback on my amp for hours at a time. We’re supremely in Mercury Rev territory – why is that such an easy conclusion to jump to? Oh – because there’s a Mercury Rev alum (Justin Russo) on it. Also, Dave Fridmann mastered it. Plus, Grasshopper was once in St. Johnny – but that has nothing to do with “Burn My Letters.”
Tabs Out 
We’re continuing celebration of Burn My Letters, our latest release as a label (see first report here). BML is the first solo album by William Carlos Whitten / Bill Whitten (not to be confused with Michael Jackson’s costume designer) – think 3 decades of songwriting (Bill was previously a member of St. Johnny and Grand Mal) condensed into one amazing solo release!

Once again, we collected all the Twitter/FB mentions to thank everyone that bought the tape, bought the digital or simply helped us out by talking about the release! Also – don’t forget to check out a video playlist for BML and/or visit Bill’s Tumblr page.

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