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New Music Recommendations

One last round of music recommendations for March from our followers! See part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.


MV & EE – MV & EE Fantasy Set & Beyond 2020 Heroine Vibes (Self Released)

this is the dirigible I was talkin aBOOT -> sample the maple ∞ MV & EE fantasy set & beyond 2020 heroine vibes | MV & EE

via BeyondBeyondisBeyond

King Vision Ultra – Archive 011018 (KVUmix01) (Labour)

Accidentally bought this twice. No regrets.

KVU archives radio broadcast, live from a bunker, captured onto cassette. January 10, 2018.

Archival representation of an unfinished (/ongoing?) project called ‘Bringing Hell With Me,’ “a sound piece series of found dialogue and rap music which linked memory and internalization – specifically of trauma/trauma-born narratives – to the normalization of violence in America.

via The Starry Hive Chronicles

rütRTL – 望む ? [hope​?​] (Self Released)


via T2,000,000

J.S. Aurelius – We Are (Still) The Ones Who Will Die Too Young (Acousmatic Industries)

Sarah Davachi ‎– Horae (Self Released)

Isabella & Felisha – Chain Mail Vol 1 (Self Released)

City via Ascetic House

HOLOVR – Eternal Flow (Self Released)

Recorded back in 2017, this was slated for release on a couple of different labels, neither of which came off in the end. Now seems like a decent time to finally get it out there.

I pledge to put the full £5 from each sale back into buying music directly from artists and labels on Bandcamp to help them through this difficult period as society grinds to a halt for a few months.

Mastered by @opaltapes

William Selman – Naming Before Names (Mysteries of the Deep)

Mysteries of the Deep is delighted to present its second album by Portland, Oregon-based musician and multimedia artist William Selman, “Naming Before Names.” In a world that demands categorization of everything around us through taxonomies, genres, and strict schemas, Selman’s album aims to explore the spaces between categories. These eight compositions conjure a world in which humans are asked to stand on the periphery, observing their surroundings from a vantage of curious wonder, rather than clear definition.

Mary Lattimore – We Wave From Our Boats (Self Released)

To benefit LA’s Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund

via Ghostly

Sly and the Family Drone – Solace (Self Released)

Sly and the Family Drone release track as a fundraiser for SOLACE – WOMEN’S AID HARINGEY.
Good use of £3.50(or more) you are not spending going out in the world today.

Cucina Povera – Tyyni (Night School)

Tyyni is the third album by Finnish-born sound artist and musician Cucina Povera aka Maria Rossi.  Tyyni feels like a slowly unfurling mediation on the clash between nature and mechanical living, a rumination on the complexities of modern life that begin to unveil more about the inner landscape of the artist as it progresses. A Finnish word referring to still, serene weather, the title belies a new note of turmoil in Cucina Povera’s soundworld. Tyyni represents a more detailed focus on the sculpting of sounds that curl around Rossi’s hymnal vocal performances.

via Unsung Hunger

Enir Da – Silence (Wanda Portal / Too Soon Tapes)

Enir Da explores a territory midway between ambient, post-punk and krautrock, where vapours of dub and psychedelic steams loom. And this is an invitation.

via Ductus Pop Zine

Man Power – Economy (Me Me Me)

This is my second album as Man Power 
It’s the follow up to my debut Album in 2015.

It’s called Economy. 
It was originally going to be a double 12” release that was packaged in a bio degradable “plastic” shopping bag instead of a traditional record sleeve.

via Hotflush Recordings


SVT Mixtape 1 Current Spins

Music has always gotten folks through strange and tough times, and sharing music with friends has always been one of life’s greatest joys. So @SteveVonTill made a mixtape for you.

featuring Laughing Hyenas, Budos Band, Hammerhead, Thurston Moore, Swans and more.

via Neurot Recordings

Light At The End (Label Sampler : Winter 2019/2020)

Our first label sampler, containing tracks from our winter releases, is now up on mixcloud.

Ambient and Electronica from the likes of Saangoma, Fragile X, Canter and Ulva.

via LATE


Season One (2019​)​:The Interviews (Virtual Lounge 2.0)

Did you catch this compilation I did for the #AssortedVaporwavePodcast feat. 15 artists (plus a hidden bonus track) among them @steviasphere, @landfill2007 (with a rare live performance), @PorterVong, @j_ade_saddiva? The monthly show will return some time in April!

via [email protected]

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