Music Recommendations for March 2020: Pt. 1
Music Recommendations for March 2020: Pt. 1

Music Recommendations for March 2020: Pt. 1

New Music Recommendations

First round of music recommendations for March – compiled with a little help from our followers!

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Jaga Jazzist – Spiral Era (Brainfeeder)

from forthcoming Pyramid EP (April 24, on Brainfeeder) (!)

where the legendary Norwegian eight-piece takes a deep dive into post-rock, jazz and psychedelia influences.

via Bill Barnett

Helen Money – Midnight (Thrill Jockey)

Saw her open for Sleep in Denver a number of years back and there wasn’t a closed mouth in the venue. Sonic Awesome.

via Exxulansis

Bluematter – Blankness (E-Beamz)

Finally getting round to checking out these awesome jungle flavours from @thomasragsmusic and @Jozef_K_DJ

See also – Dublock – Song From a Sinking Land

via Dublock

Nocturnal Emissions – Viral Shedding (Illuminated Records / Mannequin)

Covid-n n n n n n n nineteen – Viral Shedding goes viral – in the avant garden of Earthly Delights.

Between pure noise and electronic beats, ‘Viral Shedding’ is creating a twisted and percussive rhythmic urge, a funky disco sound permeated by digital industrial beats. Nigel Ayers and Caroline K take their inaccessible best and thrown it into the melting pot with a set of pumping rhythms. The result is the frustrated son of mutant disco, swimming in the same waters of Cabaret Voltaire, 23 Skidoo, Tackhead, Meat Beat Manifesto and Hula.

Fennesz – Paint It Black (Mego)

via Phirnis

Virgin Prunes – Ulakanakulot + Decline and Fall (Rough Trade / Mute / The Grey Area)

god bless the prunes, very very very seek and you shall find

The Doll feat Lofty McFadden – The Way They Move ({AN} Eel)

Planting trees in the rain, watching the worms slink around the ground & singing this song on repeat

via Natalia Beylis

Conor Walsh – The Lucid (Conorwalshmusic)

Four years ago we lost a great musician and human being @conorwalshpiano. Join me in remembering him by listening to his beautiful posthumous album that came out a year ago today <3

via Robert Farhat / Eoin Murray

Repeated Viewing – Nature’s Revenge (Spun Out of Control)

The inspiration for Nature’s Revenge came to me whilst sitting up a hill in the middle of the beautiful Scottish wilderness. The rugged landscapes of my homeland provide unparalleled moments of awe, often mixed with a sense of dread as the inevitable foul weather moves in. Surely the perfect location for some truly horrific cinematic shenanigans.

See also – Label Mix by Burning Witches

Tyresta – Stay Home! (Histamine Tapes)

My next release “It Could All Be Different” will be out on Histamine Tapes on 3/19. It’s a mix of ambient, drone, noise, and sound collage.

Alex Cunningham & Claire Rousay – Specifically the Water (Astral Spirits)

new one up for preorder on @astspiritsrec!

Jim White and Marisa Anderson – The Lucky (Thrill Jockey)

We are happy to announce a new album from drummer Jim White and guitarist Marisa Anderson, ‘The Quickening’ out on May 15. Marisa says the album is “based in friendship, the fun of collaboration and excitement about music”.

Time is Fire – Didn’t See It Coming (Electric Cowbell)

from Time Is Fire’s recent LP release. our weirdest track, for sure. which is why it’s a fave. “now children go to school in tiny tents he has made / the ‘art of the deal’, deporting children away.” having art to express NOW means everything to me.

via Jeff Barsky


Erland Cooper – Longhope (Phases)

Listen to @ErlandCooper’s ‘Longhope’, the first single from his upcoming album ‘Hether Blether’ to complete his Orkney triptych, following the previous two albums Solan Goose and Sule Skerr

See also – Albums That Mean Something by Christopher Whitby

via Zoe Miller / Barbican Centre

Gastr Del Sol – Black Horse (1995/09/23)

“Black Horse” by Gastr Del Sol arranged for a power trio always inspires me

via Lord of Overstock


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