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New Music Recommendations

Another round of music recommendations for March from our followers! See part 1 here and part 2 here.


Marcus Fischer – Lighting the Shadows (Self Released)

A piece for piano + magnetic tape.
Released on Piano Day.

This is being offered as a free download but listeners are given the opportunity to pay what they want if they wish to show their support.

Coviduary – Housebound (Self Released)


via Joe Murray

Jonathan Sharp – Extra Time (Self Released)

As a few people have picked up copies of Divided Time from @CastlesInSpace – there’s some additional musics here

Man or Astro-Man?- Destroy All Astromen (Estrus Records)

Surf music band from the 90’s. Then they became noisier and more experimental, and I like it too

via Otium Audio

zakè – Coppice Movements (Zakè Drone Recordings)

Coppice Movements is a continuation of solemn paean to seclusion and quiet moments of self-reflection

Mastered at Schwebung Mastering (Germany) by Stephan Mathieu @stephanmathieu

Haptic – Uncollected Works (2005​-​2010) (Self Released)

Haptic: Uncollected Works, 2005-2010 is now up on Bandcamp; rarities, splits, compilation tracks, etc, gathered in one convenient location for your listening pleasure. $4.95

via Steven Hess

Renick Bell – Groove 11 (Outlines)

The second groove from the series of algoraves made its way to the American sound artist, Renick Bell. This Tokyo-based producer has proved himself as the creator of abstract sound sculptures created / recorded / composed using algorithms. His music is a complex mass of polyrhythms and cold spaces.

via Incentive

Valotihkuu – Winter Lullabies (Self Released)

In the blue night
frost haze, the sky glows
with the moon
pine tree tops
bend snow-blue, fade
into sky, frost, starlight.
The creak of boots.
Rabbit tracks, deer tracks,
what do we know.

(“Pine tree tops” by Gary Snyder)

via Eeem

Rangers – Late Electrics (Doom Trip Records)

People tried to say this album sounds like Pavement, but that’s not accurate. But if you said it sounds like something a Pavement fan could like, then ok, friend.

via Z. Doom

Giants of Discovery – Out of Time (Self Released)

My album Out Of Time is officially released on Bandcamp today. Limited number of pro-dubbed cassettes with brilliant artwork by Eric Adrian Lee.

The story focuses on Lord Ashton, a practitioner of the dark arts in Victorian England, as he races against the clock to commit to paper the events that unfolded some 50 years previous in the basement of his Manor house in the English countryside.

Nadja – Thaumoburial (Broken Spine Productions)

Breathtaking Nadja release, get it;

via Andrew Anderson

Emily A. Sprague – Hill, Flower, Fog (Self Released)

please check out the new one from emily sprague “hill, flower, fog” that i had the joy of mastering.

via Taylor Deupree

On a Different Note:


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