Listen: VEX // Guest Mix by 9T Antiope
Listen: VEX // Guest Mix by 9T Antiope

Listen: VEX // Guest Mix by 9T Antiope

9T Antiope - Live at Mutek

The existence of any kind of underground or electronic music scene in Iran is a relatively recent development, arguably part of a quiet and generally slow shift in the country’s post-revolution identity. Those changes came to a head with the election of reformist and relative centrist Hassan Rouhani as President in 2013, which opened up a doorway for Iranian relations with foreign countries, all but shut off after decades of international sanctions. – A Guide to Iran’s Electronic Underground on Bandcamp

A gathering of Iranian sounds, and other brothers in arms.

Its no secret that here at IHN we love exploring music scenes outside of US/UK – be it Japan, Australia or Ireland. And now got our eyes (and ears) on Iran, a country that’s got rather complicated relationship with music/arts.

But like a flower finding its way to the light through cracks in the pavement, the Iranian scene clearly outgrew whatever limitations were put on it. Case in point – Siavash Amini (who contributed his own mix to IHN back in 2016) and 9T Antiope, the subject at hand.

Both artists built an impressive back catalog over the last few years and it is through Siavash that we learned about 9T Antiope and approached the duo about putting together a mix for us. 9 tracks that they selected provide small but valuable glimpse into Iranian scene with our hope being that the mix will push everyone to investigate even further. Dive in!


VEDA – Pareesh (Prod. Atour) [Divar Records, 2019]
Saint Abdullah – Let’s Mourn Together [PTP, 2020]
Temp-Illusion – Nankraws [Zabte Sote, 2020]
Rojin Sharafi – Floating On The Stream (excerpt) – [Zabte Sote, 2020]
Mez’rab – Seppuku [Divar Records, 2019 ]
NUM – Tinted With Sore [Zabte Sote, 2018]
Siavash Amini and Saåad – Dragging The Harrow [Opal Tapes, 2020]
Pouya Pour-Amin – For I Wasn’t Steel [Flaming Pines, 2019]
Navid – Khata (Prod. Atour) [Divar Records, 2020)

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