New Music Releases – March 2020: Pt. 3
New Music Releases – March 2020: Pt. 3

New Music Releases – March 2020: Pt. 3

New Music Releases

Another roundup of new releases/music that came out this March – compiled with a little help from our followers! See part 1 here and part 2 here.


Richard Skelton –  The Oracle Bone (Aeolian)

‘What is a body but an instrument
for the elements to carve and shape?
What are bones but oracles?’

(Autumn Richardson)

Released as a fundraiser for Corbel Stone Press, to help mitigate loss of earnings due to the impact of the Coronavirus.

Lucerna – A Reversal of Creation (Self Released)

Lucerna is an instrumental project by Robert Arrieta. It’s cinematic approach feels like a soundtrack searching for images to play off of.

via Andrew Anderson

Ffion – History (Soundtracking the Void)

via Iain

Evilldewer – A Beautiful Derangement (Speak No Evil Recordings)

“A Beautiful Derangement” LP dropping at 3 pm EST. ONLY 50 Vinyl copies available for pre order and 28 limited edition cassettes will be available for shipping 7 days after purchase so act accordingly. Featuring an all star cast exclusively on @Speaknoevilrecs

John Bisset / Chris Cundy / Rhodri Davies / Mindy Lee / Mark Wastell – Archif #22: The Chapel 3​/​12​/​1998 (Self Released)

Looks like Rhodri Davies is emptying his archive. Such riches!

via We Need No Swords

clocolan – Daisy Chain (Castles in Space)

The COVID-19 crisis has played havoc with the release schedule for CiS, but we’ve taken the decision to rush release a new super-limited lathe cut 7″ from clocolan. This in advance of upcoming vinyl release of his latest LP.

“Daisy Chain” will be released later in the week.

Electronic devices wired together in sequence—a “daisy chain”—is a useful metaphor for a climatological collapse: just as each device in the series is essential for the next, when a natural system fails, all others that depend on it will fail too. This is the extinction vortex.

Ajna – Oracular (Cyclic Law)

some killer dark isolationist ambient from Ajna depicting an outer body experience on his new record Oracular via @CyclicLaw

via Anti-Gravity Bunny

Yarn​/​Wire Currents Vol. 6 (Yarn/Wire)

A lot happened very fast on Bandcamp on Friday so ICYMI, the new Yarn/Wire is pieces by Olivia Block and Sarah Hennies and, well, what more do you want?

yarn/wire/currents is a yearly project that serves as an incubator for new experimental music. collaborations with composers explore the intersections of composition, technology, installation, live performance, music theater, and much more.

Andrew Paine – Sky Station Z4: Final Contact (Self Released)

Sage, sky mover and sonic explorer Andrew Paine (@ItPainesMe ) has delivered a time-bending Moog-soaked final installment of Sky Station Z4. In you go…

via Caroline McKenzie

Void Fill – EP #2 (Self Released)

Void Fill’s second EP. More songs about paranoia and the collapse of civilization.

via Jakob Rehlinger

Geiger von Müller – Ruby Red Run! (Self Released)

Out now, name your price, @geigervonmulle1’s gorgeous, visionary blues album Ruby Red Run! He does things with the guitar that will blow your mind

via Elizabeth Joan Kelly

The Institute 91′ – The Virus (Self Released)

Excellent new mini album from @TheInstitute91! It ahs the feel of a tense John Carpenter movie from the 1980s and who doesn’t love that?

via Cat Temper

Model Home – 15 (Self Released)

new sounds

via Disciples

Tatsuya Nakatani & Shane Parish – Interactivity (Cuneiform Records)

New Shane Parish music is always cause for celebration!

via Ben

R. Weis – Cassette Assembled Scores for Dance: 1991 – 1993 (TQ N-Aut)

R. Weis has been composing with manipulated sound for more than 30 years. Now you can hear 3 of his earliest compositions — scores for dance that are among the first of his projects to get attention in New York City. No one has heard these scores since they were originally presented in the early 1990s.

They were created when Weis had one foot in analogue and one
foot in digital: newly using a keyboard sampler but still recording, layering, and assembling on multiple cassette tapes.

Sense – A Slow But Sure Demise… (Self Released)

This was the appropriate soundtrack for listening to the truly 21st century bullshit that is the #HouseDebateonBailout. And that’s a compliment.

via Matt DeMello

Tamikrest – Tamotaït (Glitterbeat Records)

Sometimes music is more than the notes played or the words sung. Sometimes it’s a spirit that catches fire and burns with a dangerous, dazzling flame. On Tamotaït, Tamikrest’s fifth studio album, the music blazes bright and long. With the political situation so volatile and desperate in the Saharan ancestral lands from which Tamikrest comes, this is more than an album. This is resistance.

via Zachary Lipez

Dorio – Yesterday The Sky Was Blue (Citrus City Records)

CCR103 /New album for Texas based artist Dorio!

Jonathan Snipes – Mope (Deathbomb Arc)

Composer Jonathan Snipes has the outstanding ability to create music from a few distinct, recognizable audio sandboxes and end up with something that sounds unlike any of the sources. For his soundtrack to the film ‘MOPE’, opera, synth pop, and the classic porno soundtrack are all pulled from. In the end we’re given pure Snipes though.


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