Guest Mix – Evol Kween
Guest Mix – Evol Kween

Guest Mix – Evol Kween

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HTRK – Give it up
Sounds like Sade in a K-hole. Need I say more?
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Blank Realm – River of Longing
Geeky garage pop involving a Keytar. Three of the band members are related so they’re kinda’ like The Partridge Family, except The Guardian have called Blank Realm the new Royal Trux……
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High Tension – Bully
Karina Utomo is the tuffest woman in post-hardcore-sludge-rock. “I’ll show you how it’s done, bitch.”
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Magic Dirt – Redhead
If you were a 15 year old Australian indie-rock kid in the early 90s and you didn’t worship Magic Dirt, you were a slime ball.
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My Disco – 1991
Minimalist. Moody. Brutal. Beautiful. Steve Albini sported a My Disco t-shirt when Shellac played in Melbourne recently.
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Kirin J Callinan – Landslide
Aussie larrikin who veers between haunting ballads and jagged post-punk-noise.

Regurgitator – Track 1
Australia in the 1990s was a hotbed of all-ages gigs and weirdo bands. These guys had a unique ability to both celebrate and take the piss out of hip hop. Like a thinking person’s Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Banoffee – Got it
Because everyone needs a little Pop in their life sometimes.

Snowman – Hyena
Kids in Perth, Western Australia get really bored. They end up reading loads of existential literature, moving to London and making creepy music like this.

Portal – Larvae
If I’m going to listen to Metal it has to be weird and extreme. The singer in this band wears a cuckoo clock on his head.

Lawrence English – Another Body
I’m a huge fan of music’s outer realms, and Lawrence English has done a lot of for the experimental scene in Australia. His record label Room 40 is amazing.


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