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Siavash Amini Matt Finney Familial Rot 1

Siavash Amini is based in Tehran and released music on Flaming Pines, Umor Rex and Futuresequence labels.

Matt Finney is based in Alabama and released music on Paradigms Recordings and Umor Rex. He recorded numerous collaborations with Ukrainian composer Heinali and is/was a member of Finneyerkes, Pop Duo and It Only Gets Worse. Matt previously contributed his own guest mix to I Heart Noise, as well a number of tracks for our digital comps.

This mix includes the music that the duo listened to while recording a collaborative release Familial Rot.


Richmond Fontaine – Inventory (El Cortez Records / Nonzero / Decor Records / Diverse Records, 2011)

Cindytalk – Hanging in the Air (excerpt 1) (Editions Mego, 2011)

Julien Baker – Rejoice (6131 Records, 2016 / Matador, 2017)

Aanipaa – Toward All Thresholds (Editions Mego, 2013)

Aaron West and Roaring Twenties – Get Me Out of Here Alive (Hopeless Records, 2014 / 2016)

Kevin Drumm – Romantic Sores (Hospital Productions, 2008 / Self Released, 2016)

Giya Kancheli – Morning Prayers (ECM New Series, 1995) / Excerpt from Bela Tarr`s Damnation

Kyle Bobby Dunn – Empty Gazing (Low Point, 2010)

Cindytalk – Hanging in the Air (excerpt 2) (Editions Mego, 2011)

Steve Earle – Goodbye (Warner Bros, 1995 / Plain Recordings, 2014) / Excerpt from Eraserhead

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[…] Guest Mix by Siavash Amini / Matt Finney […]

[…] Guest Mix by Siavash Amini / Matt Finney […]

[…] the Iranian scene clearly outgrew whatever limitations were put on it. Case in point – Siavash Amini (who contributed his own mix to IHN back in 2016) and 9T Antiope, the subject at […]

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