Blog Summary – February 2020: Pt. 1
Blog Summary – February 2020: Pt. 1

Blog Summary – February 2020: Pt. 1

Blog Summary - New Music, Reviews, Interviews

Revisiting the posts we published back in February! Browse through our archives to see/read/hear even more reviews, interviews and guest/label mixes.


Label Mixes

Blackjack Illuminist Records – featuring Phantoms vs Fire, Vlimmer, Fire Cone Children and more.

Cudighi Records – featuring Windmill Music, Ditto, Ecto Mist, Laura Luna Castillo and more.


Year-End Soundtrack List by Oscar Goff – the man you need to consult whenever you have a question or two about the movies or movie soundtracks.

Music Recommendations

Pt. 1 – featuring Dublock, Hans Chew, Redd Kross, Wire, Lazy Legs and more.

New Music Releases

Pt. 1 – featuring Still Harbours, Elkhorn, Bardo Pond, Jordan Reyes, Cold Beat and more.


Mr. Bungle –  our followers pick their favorite tunes by (recently reactivated) MB.

Andy Gill / Gang of Four – remembering the founder of the legendary post-punk band


Whettman Chelmets – I Don’t Want to Let Go, But I Need to Let Go (via Forest Robots)

Rory Mohon – Darkly Dreaming (via David Soulscorch)


Luminous Bodies – Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh

Gordon from double drummer pssychedelic stupor-group guides us through their latest release.


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