Music Recommendations for February 2020: Pt. 1
Music Recommendations for February 2020: Pt. 1

Music Recommendations for February 2020: Pt. 1

New Music Recommendations

What have our followers been listening to lately? Lets check.

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Dublock – The Old Straight Track (Self Released)

Finally picked up the @dublock75 discog on @Bandcamp so diving straight in as I’m out and about in Leeds today

Drawing inspiration from the depths of the earth and the timeless landscape, Dublock returns with an album of shamanic ambient techno. Offering the signature blend of minimal techno fused with constantly evolving sonic landscapes, this brings more depths and detail to the album.

via Christopher Whitby

Hans Chew – Forever Again (Three Lobed / Divide by Zero)

like the fortunate lovechild of Bob Dylan and Elton John.

via James Holroyd

R∞ – GAIA 脱俗 .ROM (Self Released)

It sounds like an 8-bit video game playing through a wooden TV from 1985.

via jj

Redd Kross – Neurotica (Live)

Eff yeah!

via Slim Hiney

People – Shomyo Pt. 2 (Teichiku Records)

(Japanese, Krautrock) [1972] – sampled by Madvillain

via Mark Stewart

Children of Leir – Shades (Simulations)

Cover of a Lee Hazelwood tune

via Nick Cyanide

MAGMA – Köhntarkösz (Vertigo / Jazz Village)

via Anatomy of the Heads

Fuxa – Photon (Rocket Girl)

Short film made for the band Fuxa

via Dot Allison / retweeted by Chikashi

Wire – Pink Flag/Chairs Missing Demos+

via Ray Taaffe

Thief – Tracks (Tall Bodies)

love this luscious @CCHELSEAWWOLFE cover by our very own Thief

via Terrorbird Media

Lazy Legs – Moth Mother (Wild Patterns)

RIYL: True Widow, Duster, Low, Smashing Pumpkins.

Arvo Party – Tennyson (Self Released)

Appear to be listening to Tennyson by @arvoparty on repeat.

Tennyson is the name of a street in Denver, Colorado.

via Iain

Sianspheric – There’s Always Someplace You’d Rather Be (Sonic Unyon)

Everyone should own this @sianspheric album. The guitar solo on Puff Analogue Intelligent Jungle at the 5:37 mark, is not of this world.

via Hawkeyes

Earth – High Command (Sub Pop)

via NoiseCrumbs


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