New Music Releases – February 2020: Pt. 1
New Music Releases – February 2020: Pt. 1

New Music Releases – February 2020: Pt. 1

New Music Releases

First roundup of new music releases from February. Compiled with a little help from our followers!

Jump into our archives to discover even more great music.


Still Harbours – Fluorochrome (Self Released)

My friend Jamie Jones and I recorded an album this summer under the name Still Harbours. Really proud of this one.

via Polar Seas

Elkhorn – The Storm Sessions (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records)

A powerful turn outside the duo’s comfort zone, The Storm Sessions consists of two side-long improvisations by guitarists Jesse Sheppard (12-string acoustic) and Drew Gardner (6-string electric) along with Turner’s rare and lovely vibrations (electric bouzouki on one side, shahi baaja on the flip). No strangers to improvisation or collaboration, The Storm Sessions is their most spontaneous studio work yet, and perhaps their most beautifully flowing.

Bardo Pond – Adrop / Circuit VIII (Three Lobed Recordings)

great way to start a new year: @3lobed putting out a new release from Bardo Pond. not just any new release,but 1 with only 2 songs–1song is 34 min & the other is 44 min. at that point,should they even be called ‘songs’ anymore? more like intense journeys.

via Arise

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Jordan Reyes – Fairchild OST + Borderland EP (Whited Sepulchre)

Hey! I have a new album coming out 2.28.20 on @whitedseprecs! It’s two releases in one – Side A is a soundtrack I did for the short film “Fairchild,” and Side B is a collection I recorded while touring the American East Coast last January!

See also – 2019 Mix by Jordan Reyes

SaliYah – Intuit (Somatic)

saliYah is the project by 21 year old Austin based black queer artist and producer Tommy Jammer. Using vulnerability and experimentation saliYah is a reflection of identity and emotional being.

Their debut EP “intuit,” released in February 2020 on local label Somatic Records, is an album of healing, introspection, and exploration of self. The EP was written as a way to release the anger from feeling betrayed by your own mind and body following a mental break.

Volunteer Coroner – Antemortem (Adversary)

We were holding hands when the elevator stopped
between floors.
There was a pool of blue light
and the scent of snow in her hair.

Michael Grigoni & Stephen Vitiello – Slow Machines (12k)

Slow Machines brings together veteran Stephen Vitiello and 12k newcomer Michael Grigoni, whose debut Mount Carmel (12k1090, 2019) made an impression for its merging of the pedal and lap steel guitars with a hushed, ambient sound. With both calling the southern mid-Atlantic region of the United States home, the two met up and discussed a collaboration in which Grigoni would provide the guitars and Stephen the electronics and processing with a goal of combining each of their artistic languages into a new form.

via Andrew Anderson

Cold Beat – Mother (DFA)

San Francisco band Cold Beat make their DFA debut with Mother, a collection of ten pop transmissions from Earth, 2020.

Wound tight with an energy that ricochets from one song into the next, Mother was made while frontperson Hannah Lew (formerly of indie trio Grass Widow) was pregnant and considering the chaotic conditions of the world she was bringing a new human into. If we consider Mother an artistic style guide through space and time, the framework Cold Beat provide is overcast by design but focused in execution; locked-in drums and synths with choir-like melodies high above it all.

Davey Harms – World War (Hausu Mountain)

Davey returns for his 3rd HausMo banger!! Harms excels in a state of constant forward motion, his beats compounding without ever losing their jagged groove and searing in-the-red intensity.

Luminous Bodies – Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh (Box Records)

You want to feel like a million bucks? Listen to Luminous Bodies. We think this band personify the blueprint of Box Records. We’re unsure if we can put any such philosophy into coherent prose but if we did, we’d probably use words like exuberant, celebratory, passionate and liberating. This is Luminous Bodies and this is their new album Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh. It’s going to make the world a better place.

See also – Track-by-Track: Luminous Bodies – Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh

T.R. Jordan – Just For You / Recollections Suite (Past Inside the Present)

Previously performing as The Greatest Hoax, Washington, D.C.-based composer T.R. Jordan debuts a new album of contemporary classical and ambient music with Past Inside the Present. Entitled Just for You, Jordan presents an album focused on the evolution of personal relationships and the paths they take.

Produced and mixed by Rafael Anton Irisarri (The Sight Below, Ghostly International) and mastered by Taylor Deupree (12K Mastering).


The Recollections Suite is a long form classical piece, in five movements, featuring a string quartet led by cellist Mark Bridges (High Plains/Loscil, Kranky Ltd).

ophill – UFO4U (Galaxy Train)

ophill is a Japanese emo-altanative pop band from Nagoya like death cab for cutie , The Flaming Lips, Built to Spill, pavement, and Japanese pop essence. this album is 1st mini Album.

Afrikan Sciences – Journey Into Mr Re (Self Released)

Its a Trip!

retweeted by sold

Dub Not Pop – Cheapside at Dawn (Girly Girl Musik)

Out now: Cheapside at Dawn by @Brumcast

13 bass blasting dub tracks full of 2000’s aesthetics from the early days of internet music that resembles the soundtrack to a lost PS1 game.

Cities Aviv – Immortal Flame (Total Works)

Real Memphis Acid Music. Free Rap. Black Psych. Not Woke.


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