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New Music Releases

More new music from February! See part 1 of the roundup here.


Kiwii – Grow Up (DMT Tapes)

great soundtrack for grinding MMO mobs

via CHDesign

Bernhard Schimpelsberger – Glansvit (Geist im Kino)

Releasing on Phantom Limb’s new soundtrack imprint Geist im Kino, Austrian composer Bernhard Schimpelsberger’s score to the Swedish ballet production of Glansvit is an emotional and affecting work

via Fluid Radio

Bambara – Stray (Wharf Cat Records)

Pulverising soundscape; by turns, vast, atmospheric, cool, broiling and at time

See also – An Interview with Bambara

via MusicCurationX

Euglossine – Psaronius

For Psaronius, Euglossine searches for poetic correlations between contemporary domestic reality and historic technology. The Greek meaning of Psaronius is precious stone and also the name of a prehistoric genus of tree-fern. Slices of the massive fern were petrified throughout time and polished into ornaments of value by people, chosen because of the ancient and complex patterns they displayed.

Jacoti Sommes – Travel Time

When I first moved to Columbus OH and would ask people who was doing crazy electronic music there, every single person mentioned Jacoti Sommes. He has been a staple of the music scene as a performance artist in the group Hugs and Kisses and with intense improvised dance music under his own name. Travel Time, his first album with Orange Milk, takes that live drum machine and synthesizer improv energy but channels it through tight compositions.

Out now on Orange Milk Records

worriedaboutsatan / Capac Split (This Is It Forever)

Me and my guys have a tape out today! All physicals now sold out, but digi available everywhere

See also – Ambient Mix by worriedaboutsatan

Wire & Wasteland – Return To The Light (Self Released)

Such a good new EP! Go check out Wire & Wasteland!

via Cat Temper

Oscillatorial Binnage – Agitations: Post-Electronic Sounds (Sub Rosa)

a new album of exotic, immersive acoustic flourishes cooked up via force fields, recycled objects, and mechanical sound-making contraptions.

via Insolent Disco Dancer

New on Invisible City Records.

February 2020 batch

Saito Koji – Foam

Several Wives – Sulking Now

Vile Plumage – Three Sisters Lost In The Darkness Of The Bambury Seam

Territorial Gobbing & Daniel J Gregory – Our Water Boils Hotter Than Yours

See also – Label Mix by Invisible City Records

Like Weeds – Orgreave (Hostile 1 Tapes)

On June 18th, 1984, police sent 6000 officers to break a picket line at a British Steel Corporation coking plant in Orgreave, South Yorkshire. The ensuing police riot left 100s of strikers injured or in jail. This tape is a fist-clenched trudge through that horrific day and the years of delayed justice that followed. Massive bass blasts blend with samples and harsh noise like only Sanderson can provide. Real union man electronics. Rather be a picket than a scab.

via Sanderson Kenny

Connive – S/T (Reserve Matinee)

Under the Connive alias, Michael Stumpf (Faithful, Esper Werm, Drosophila, et al) presents cathartic slabs of dense multi-sourced noise straight to your dome.

via dog dog

Modal Plane / Pressurewave Split (Circuit Church)

Starbirthed – Tour Guide (Flower Room)

Expanding on the glimpse of their Summer 2019 tour offered via the “More Messages From Starbirthed” cassette, on “Tour Guide” Starbirthed presents lightly-edited sets performed live in the intimate settings of Brickbat Books in Philadelphia and Trans-Pecos in New York. From tranquil, celestial origins, the two longform pieces flow through sparse, ambient passages of synth tone and acoustic guitar, accumulating live loops until they eventually reach ecstatic release.

via Night Folk on IO

Чёрная Ленточка «Второе Пришествие» / Black Ribbon – Second Coming (Self Released)


Now out!

Various Artists – Mighty Giant Pinky

A collection of music in memory of Ugh Yoing, the collage-composition and electronic music genius behind Satanicpornocultshop.

Juke, glitch, concrete and beyond.
Curated by @Ergophizmiz
On tape and digital.

On a Different Note:


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New Music Releases
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