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New Music Recommendations

Checking with our followers on things they’ve been listening to this February – again! See part 1 of the roundup here.


Alien Sex Fiend – Bun Ho (Cherry Red Records)

During the early 1980’s Alien Sex Fiend had carved a bloody niche for themselves as the originators of techno-goth, a precursor for contemporary outfits the like of Marilyn Manson, Slipknot et al.

via The Last Sound

Acef Stripe – Foxy (Self Released)

Foxy was my childhood companion and the unquestioned leader of the stuffie kingdom. Foxy was constructed by hand of re-purposed materials, not particularly cute or plush, it won a child’s heart by its steady and loving nature. Genderless, compassionate, eccentric, and of no particular sexual orientation, it was a symbol of a child’s innocence and imagination.

This music is for Foxy and all pacifists, artists, musicians, and non-conformists imagining a better world. Forget the imperfections and focus on the inspiration. Peace and love.

via Whettman Chelmets

Chris Forsyth – Solar Motel Part II (Paradise of Bachelors)

this whole album is a great way to start a morning. goes good with coffee,THC,sex,or just plain life. If my link went to whole album, nobody’d actually listen, but maybe with just 1 ‘song’ someone might get into it.

via Arise

GodNo – Unholy Water (Reckless Yes)

“ an engaging rhythm and a lovingly oft kilter ring to it, especially coming through the solid multiple, varying harmonies” – @SmallMusicScene

Robert Wyatt & News From Babel – Heart of Stone (Re Records)

See also – News From Babel – Arcades (of Glass) / cover by Petridisch

via Ray Taaffe

Big Black – Rema-Rema (Forced Exposure)

Cover Version


via John Carty

Double Discone – Géant de Fer EP (Invisible Inc)

Very pleased to showcase yet another Glasgow-based artist for our third Invisible Inc digital-only release.

This time it’s French duo Double Discone who upped sticks from Clermont-Ferrand in late 2016 and landed in Glasgow on their feet running with no less than 21 shows under their belt since their debut at an Invisible Inc night in May 2018, all of these performed 100% analogue and live!

For this release the duo have produced four extra-terrestrial synthesizer jams that head into slightly more experimental territory than the Daft Punk-esque, electro disco sound they are known for.

via odubhda

John Hassell – Vernal Equinox (Lovely Music / Beat Records / Ndeya)

These ears are enthusiasts, not audiophiles, so what they know? But @NDEYARECORDS’ remastered ‘Vernal Equinox’ sounds delicious…

‘bed of sound that is hard to pin down…refusal to be any one thing makes each listen feel like the first’ @MarkRichardson

via Lend Me Your Ears

X – Country at War (Live)

Happy Birthday to the inimitable John Doe and thanks for decades of thought provoking and timeless music and words.

via Verses Records

Tyresta – No Mind (Rusted Tone Recordings)

Nick Turner has been one of the busiest musicians of 2019. Under his ambient and drone project, Tyresta, Nick’s modular synth-based music has been released on Neologist Productions, Aural Canyon Music, Past Inside The Present, Obsolete Staircases, Endangered Species Tapes, Warm Gospel and Otherworldly Mystics, and that is just in this year alone!

‘No Mind’ has been lined up with RTR since late 2018, brining Nick’s carefully planned modular sounds to unwind as the year draws to a close. Building on an already successful year for the artist, ‘No Mind’ is a fantastic listen from start to finish. The artwork for the album was provided by Nick himself, quickly turning a MacBook glitch into something positive that compliments the sounds well.

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