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New Music Releases

Going over new music released this February – one last time! See part 1 of the roundup here and part 2 here.


Jekyll Island – Here Come the Gossamer Men (Self Released)

Here Come the Gossamer Men incorporates similar techniques employed by Brian Eno, Terry Reilly and William Basinski where loops of different lengths are used to compose ambient pieces that shift as well as loops of different time signatures.

Bastian Void & Errant Space – S/T (Moss Archive)

New CD: Bastian Void and Errant Space. Originally recorded for the Errant Space Podcast. Loved the session so much we had to do a CD. Listen and buy now directly from us

Quite a few of the best humans have albums out today. Too Free, @6organs @ParlorWalls

Too Free – Love in High Demand (Sister Polygon Records)

Too Free is born of the most innate curiosity in Awad Bilal (Big Freedia, Vasillus), Carson Cox (Merchandise), and Don Godwin (Callers, Impractical Cockpit), their sound is a question of connection. Can we find each other in the club? In the bass? In the car? Can we find ourselves when we dance? Their debut album Love In High Demand is a startlingly succinct pop meditation on desire, compassion, and groove.

Six Organs of Admittance – Companion Rises (Drag City)

“A primal soup of electrified sound…straight-down-the-middle Six Organs” – Dusted Magazine

Parlor Walls – Heavy Tongue (Famous Swords)

One limb cranks industrial riffs while the other catapults dancing beats. – Tiger Bomb Promo

via Ahmad Zaghal

Ogre – Geist (Self Released)

Kosmische goodness

via Vehlinggo

Scala Place – Cloud (Fireflower Foundation)

Hi I’m Seffi and I’m sick so here’s an experiment I made with a vintagesoft approach to signalwave. I wanted to create the illusion that this is the lost soundtrack to an old film reel.

Heavy Moon – Heavy Moon 16 (Kosmische Musikprodukte)

A few minutes of the epic “Astral Passages” featuring Kayla Milmine off of Heavy Moon 16.

via Jakob Rehlinger

Killjoys – We Heard Some Shit About Your Ex (Self Released)

low–fi queer synth punk diy fun times.

via The Cryborg Manifesto

Bergsonist – ف (Self Released)

Bergsonist is a New York–based artist and musician originally from Morocco. Under the guise Bergsonist (derived from Deleuze’s Bergsonism), she uses a variety of media to investigate social resonance through divergent conceptual aesthetics (minimalism, techno, and music concrete, to name a few).

Hunting Swords – Secrets Within the Black Forest (Self Released)

Recorded on a Casiotone MT-220

via Poppet N Locket

Dakota Blue – Plaza to Plaza / Specific System (Third Kind Records)

Plaza to Plaza travels in a private car from strip malls and shopping plazas to a majestic game show set, in Beijing, a desert scorpionscape, and inside of your head, in slow-motion.

Phantoms vs Fire – Modern Monsters I & II (Blackjack Illuminist)

“Ambient music in a raw and pissed off state […] The glitchy electronics fuzz buzzes like angry bees, while emphatically pressed synth notes and grimy guitar-like grind push forward. The beat is metallic and echoed, striking mechanically like a relentless baton.” – Rebel Noise (USA)

via Galaxy Rise

Tongues of Mount Meru – The Hex Of Light (Moving Furniture Records)

the monstrously awesome new Tongues Of Mount Meru record came out today, you need this drone

TOMM is Jon Wesseltoft and Lasse Marhaug

via Anti-Gravity Bunny

Vladislav Delay – Rakka (Cosmo Rhytmatic)

A new Vladislav Delay release is always a moment for celebration.

via Andrew Anderson

Crest of the Syndicate – Viewpoint EP (Weatnu Records)

This EP is full of chilled beats, melodies and some triphop thrown in for good measure.

Spectral Habitat – Atlas (Verses Records)

Happy release day for “ATLAS” the debut #cassette from Spectral Habitat #AshevilleNC via @Bandcamp https://versesrecords.bandcamp.com/album/atlas crafted w/ inspiration drawing upon backgrounds in classical, drone, & heavy music, using voice, strings, electronics, and synthesizers.

Shell of a Shell – Away Team (Exploding in Sound)


via Speak Into My Good Eye

Revbjelde – Hooha Hubbub (Buried Treasure)

“a thoroughly enjoyable voyage in dimensions of avant rock, kraut stomp, drone, beat poetry and mellow drift – ambitious & monumental” – Jim Jupp / Ghost Box Records / Belbury Poly

Celer – Regret Seem to Last Forever (Self Released)

Ocoeur – Everything (n5MD)

via Eeem

Carnivorous Plants / The Doll – Microbeads (Liquid Library)

A collaboration between shape shifting noise artists Carnivorous Plants and The Doll. Focusing on environmental, aquatic apocalypse, each artist gave the other three track titles to work with.

The noises of sea life and sea death.

via Feminatronic

Gidouille – 大規模な感覚過負荷 (Massive Sensory Overload) (Steep Gloss)

Japanese minutiae and disembodied unease.

Gidouille are a lo-fi ‘Pataphysical noise band founded in 2014.

Its members are:
Mick: saxes, found sounds etc
Kat: electronica, percussion etc

(massive sensory overload) is the band’s response to its travels in Japan in 2019.

via We Need No Swords

Ko Shin Moon – Leïla Nova (Akuphone)

Electronica mashed up with various world music styles

via Bill Barnett

Spectra Ciera – Last Light (Neotantra)

Another fine release from Neotantra as @SpectaCiera takes up the ambient reigns with a minimal aesthetic that allows the thoughtful tones & warm pads to shimmer & sparkle before floating into the universe giving cosmic moon hugs to all the lucky listeners

via The Slow Music Movement

Urgula – Frequency Wars (Bricolage)

Urgula’ is a fresh alias from Glasgow producer John McLaren aka ‘Kill Them With Noise’. KTWN is no nonsense, dance floor orientated techno. Things take a more focused and sound design approach with the Urgula alias. The sounds are still sharp and full of drive but come stripped back to their core and given that little bit more space to bounce off each other amid the frequency wars.

The Homesick – The Big Exercise (Sub Pop)

If their debut Youth Hunt marked The Homesick’s tryst with faith and pastoral life, the band’s upcoming second album The Big Exercise brings them to more grounded, tangible pastures. With its title ripped from a passage in the Scott Walker-biography Deep Shade Of Blue, the record is a concentrated effort by Jaap van der Velde, Erik Woudwijk and Elias Elgersma to explore the physicality of their music in fresh ways.

via Paul Den Heyer

Randi Pontoppidan / Christian Rønn – HEAD¨SPACE (Chant Records)

On ‘HEAD¨SPACE,’ Randi Pontoppidan & Christian Rønn pair the organic warmth and plasticity of the human voice with the beautifully off-kilter palette of amplified Würlitzer and electronic soundscapes to generate an exquisite sound world of non-verbal language, exploring the outer limits and deepest secrets of sonic expression.


Boz For Oz (BozForOz)

BOZ FOR OZ is a Boston, MA-based charity compilation for the Australian wildfires of 2019/2020. These wildfires, caused by extreme drought, have absolutely devastated the continent of Australia, destroying roughly 14.7 million acres of land. Nearly 3,000 firefighters have given their life fighting these brush fires, and several species face near-extinction as a result of the devastation.

Nearly two dozen Boston-area/adjacent musicians have come together to cover their favorite Australian artist, everything from INXS to Haitus Kaiyote to Birthday Party and everything in between. Proceeds will be donated directly to Australia Wildfire Direct Relief.

Oumuamua (Alrealon Musique)

Fascinating compilation of tracks, well presented and despite being relatively eclectic very cohesive and enjoyable as an album.

SMASH: A Valentine’s Day Compilation (Fuck the Polis!)

The fifth annual Valentine’s Day Compilation from friends of Fuck the Polis!, theme of Smash b/w Pushing Through.

via Bee / Ceschi


The Sound of Rescue – Aperture (Self Released)

TSOR is an ambient post-rock group from Baltimore, USA, comprised of brothers Michael, Andrew and Stephen Tasselmyer.

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