Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Mix by Invisible City Records
Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Mix by Invisible City Records

Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Mix by Invisible City Records

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ICR specialises in long(ish) form drone/noise with a penchant for fuzzed out entropic decay and dystopian synth soundtracks.  Releases are not without moments of wry humour and the odd jump scare but all have an attention to detail and seriousness of intent that makes for an immersive and transporting experience. – Radio Free Midwich

2019 favorites picked by Craig from Invisible City Records, a small DIY record label based in the North East of England. Visit our archives to hear even more great guest mixes.

Last year has been a tough year for many reasons. The one guiding light has been running Invisible City Records throughout. While the previous few years saw our output slow down, 2019 was the year things finally started to fall into place. Personal health was heading in the right direction and the music being created was of phenomenal quality and I was lucky enough to have most of it fall right in my lap.

Here I present some choice selections from our 2019 releases alongside some personal favorites from my no audience comrades.


1. Liminal Haze – VII ​(Volume 2, Invisible City Records)

2. Ivy Nostrum – Lost Empathy ​(Self Own, Invisible City Records)

3. Carnivorous Plants – The Second King Of Hell ​(Mammon, Crow Versus Crow)

4. Fordell Research Unit – waverley, 2003 ​(Perichoresis, Invisible City Records)

5. Modelbau – Side A (part 2)​ (All Things, Invisible City Records)

6. Dunning & Brosamer – Underlandet (live with Lisa Schlenker) ​(Glocken, Invisible City Records)

7. Nicholas Maloney – Solast ​(Sombuse, Invisible City Records)

8. Angelo Vicente Jr. – La Chute dans le temps ​(Mise En Trope, Important Drone Records)

9. Chlorine – Consume ​(Blume, Invisible City Records)

10. Matt Atkins – Memory Fades ​(A Garden of Solitude, Rusted Tone Recordings)

11. Vampyres – Laceration ​(Embers of Destruction, Invisible City Records)

Plenty more succulent fruit to be savored in the new year.

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