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New Music Recommendations

One last roundup of music recommendations for January from our followers!

See part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.


Broadcast – Dave’s Dream (Warp Records, 2000)

via Tony F. Wilson

Of Cabbages And Kings – Sister (Purge/Sound League, 1988)

Good Morning, remember this?

via Ene

Clowder ov Death – Gazouillis (Cuchabata Records, 2019)

Hey, our bassist Reüel is part of this project with Frederico Balducci that launched this great release some weeks ago on Cuchabata…


via En Fer

Manuka – Tape Shaping (Dead Definition, 2020)

We’re super jazzed to drop a track from Manuka’s forthcoming release “Tape Shaping.” Warm, crackly ambient sounds for your cold Saturday.

Uncle Matt & Auntie Jen – Celebrating Sleepy Time, Vol. 2 (Salieri Records, 2017)

Appropos of something, i’m still outrageously proud of the ‘Sleepy Time’ LPs I did with Jen to (completely unsuccessfully) put my nieces and nephew to sleep.

via Matt DeMello

Stelzer/Murray – Commuter (Humanhood Recordings)

only 9 remaining, and never to be repressed by us.

ダンケ Vibes – holocene days (Sunset Grid, 2020)

Made a chilll vapor hop beat for this.

Go help Australia folks !

via VHSRelay

Richard Chartier – Retrieval 1-5 (ERS, 2005)

released this month 15 years ago. retrieval. jan 2005

Helmet / David Yow – Custard Pie (Atlantic, 1995)

So and should have done a whole album of Led Zep cover songs – and still should! This slaps

via pinkblacknoise

Tsunami – Water’s Edge (Simple Machines, 1993)

Underrated cover

via Enthusiastic Eunuch

Clipping. – There Existed an Addiction to Blood (Sub Pop, 2019)

via odubhda

Maserati – Wallwalker (Temporary Residence Ltd., 2020)

THE BEST ANNOUNCEMENT! So thrilled to say MASERATI are set to release their new album ‘Enter The Mirror’ due April 3rd via Temporary Residence Ltd. Head to the site now to hear their new single “Wallwalker”- and be quick to pre-order your records!

Circuit Sweet via Rachel Silver

Manipulant – A Fresh Perspective (Submarine Broadcasting Company, 2019)

This was an odd one of mine. Sounds kind of like a melting carousel with a stoned girl rider receiving sage advice from the carny ride operator – now that I think about it. Released on almost a year ago.

via Manipulant Music

Sunburned Hand of the Man – Hooded (Self Released, 2003)

Look what’s on : the piece composed for Inside the Fantastical Cave, an exhibit curated by Hanna Fushihara & me at Little Cakes gallery (NYC, ’03). Artists: Leif Ritchey/ Chie Fukao. Sightings also appears on original CD-R.

via Justin Farrar

Priscilla Ermel – Cristal De Fogo (Music from Memory, 2020)

One more from ‘Origens Da Luz’ our forthcoming 2xLP compilation of Priscilla Ermel’s work, this time the track ‘Cristal De Fogo’…

Music from Memory via Bill Barnett

Obsequiae – Lone Isle (20 Buck Spin, 2019)

uncanny ‘necrophones’ era lungfish riffage on this one? not the most obv point of comparison but there you go

via Ondness

Jodie Lowther – Euphonia (Self Released, 2019)

All tracks originally recorded as a session for Phantom Circuit, which was first broadcast on Resonance Extra on Thursday 24th October 2019.

The whole show can be listened to here: phantomcircuit.com/listen-now/276.html

via Modus Pony

Bullion – Hula (Deek, 2020)

Reminds me strongly of Doot Doot by Freur w/ good nonsense lyrics. Wanna know what chorus he uses on the guitar, it’s very nice.

via Lottie Brazier

Corrosion of Conformity – Technocracy (Metal Blade, 1987 / 2015)

CoC’s Technocracy has been on my desert island list since I first heard it in late 1987. I still love that I can’t figure out most of the riffs from that album. The beats wallop me every time. The production is the perfect blend of messy and clean.

via Ludwig Dementgenstein

Harry Pussy – What Was Music? (Siltbreeze, 1996)

Harry Pussy always got a reputation as noiseniks but I feel there was a psychedelic droney and melancholy edge to much of their material. What was music indeed?

via Adam Grimord-Isham

UI – Have a Good Time (Soul Static Sound, 1996)

Drove home to The Sharpie by Ui

via nam citsale

Motes – Un-rocked (Self Released, 2020)

Tortoise / UI vibe to my mates band, pay what you like as well….

via Vogon Laundromat

Absolutely Not – I’m Merzbow (I’m Not Merzbow) (Self Released, 2020)

Gotta ride the accidental wave

via A Box of Altoids

Typical Hunks – Snakebit / Unraveling (Buzzhowl Records, 2019)

Remaining 6 copies of Snakebit 7” available on their Bandcamp

Eyeless in Gaza – You Frighten (Cherry Red, 1981)

Replay: 1981 song “You Frighten” by UK post-punk duo Eyeless in Gaza. On the Cherry Red label V/A compilation Perspectives and Distortion.

Dog Faced Hermans – Everyday Timebomb (Demon Radge / Vinyl Drip International, 1989)

via Ray Taaffe


Lunatic podcast 24: Czaszka Records

via marie.e.le.rose


Simulation – “If The Light Cannot Escape” – from their 2019 album “Death’s Head Speaks”.

Video by Laura Callier – 1/2 of the band. Incredibly complicated projections going down at every turn in this one.

via Hausu Mountain

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