New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 3
New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 3

New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 3

New Music Releases

Third roundup of new music coming out this January – compiled with a little help from our followers!

See part 1 of the roundup here and part 2 here.


slithek – Finding Quiet Places (Infinite Sync)

There are no quiet places. The hum of life pulses through everything, but stripping away complexity allows layers of nostalgic melodies to unfold before you.

Slashed Tires – Don’t Party (Off Tempo)

Have you ever gone out and asked yourself, “What am I doing here?”

What about “Am I dancing because it’s what someone wants me to do, or because I want to dance?” or “Am I trapped in a trying, crappy limbo in which I fail to connect with other people? Is this where I truly want to be?”

Don’t Party, the debut album from Slashed Tires, is the sound of these questions being asked and dissected in real-time. It is a collection of twelve songs exploring one’s inner monologue, the ups and downs of friendships, and the unfulfilled promise of a night out.

via Lost Sound Tapes

Pulse Emitter – Swirlings (Hausu Mountain)

Synthesizer music by Daryl Groetsch

via The Slow Music Movement

Suncastle – Nah (Triplicate Records)

“Nah” is Suncastle’s sixth (!) album with Triplicate Records in two years. What we absolutely love about his music is that each album is uniquely original and builds upon the last. His trademark playful melodies and themes leave you feeling immersed in a new and unfamiliar futuristic world. Repeated listens are generously rewarded.

via Belial Pelegrim

Ulla – Tumbling Towards a Wall (Experiences Ltd.)

this new lp of dubby, soporific ambient by ulla straus is simply gorg

Nick Malkin – A Typical Night in the Pit (Soda Gong)

& while we’re talking about great new music — ‘s new jazzy ambient lp on is also worth yr time

via Adam B. Donoval

Yar-Dreams of Sela – S/T (Goodbye Better)

New music from Ambient Clawhammer duo Yar Dreams of Sela (-a Solilians side-project).

via Solilians

Lite Fails – The End Of The World Has Already Happened (Flaming Pines)

The End Of The World Has Already Happened is a response to the Australian bushfires with all proceeds to the Australian Rural Firefighting Service.

“Tamed fire and tamed sound were hallmarks of progress and modernity. But now the land roars like a freight train and the people can’t breathe. These tracks are a reflection on the unfinished business that arises from our troubled colonial and environmental history.” Lite Fails.


Fieldwave (Nonclassical)

Fieldwave is the new compilation from Nonclassical that unearths new compositions with field recording at their heart. Curated by DJ and sonic adventurer Nick Luscombe (Late Junction, Musicity), it highlights a new wave of sonic artists incorporating natural sound into their work.

Featuring Kate Carr, James Greer, Nick Luscombe, Hojo+Kraft and more.

via jamezuagreer

Heights (Archives)

Featuring Conor C. Ellis, Pepo Galan, Spheruleus, Andrew Tasselmyer and more.

via Conor C. Ellis

Rush For The Exits Vol II. Compilation (Bad Bat Records)

All purchases of this album will be donated to The National Autistic Society, which is a charity very close to our hearts. This album is a compilation of tracks from our 2019 releases and some original tracks from our artists.

Featuring Crest of the Syndicate, Leaving Richmond, Selfish Limbs and more.

The Stochastic Method (Fractal Meat Cuts)

A compilation for Ubuntu Women Shelter, Glasgow. All proceeds from this release will be donated to the charity.

Five exclusive recordings from five performers, originally brought together for an event at CCA Glasgow on 16th December 2019, curated by Leslie Deere.

Featuring Painted in Shadows, Paul Michael Henry, Leslie Deere, Jenn Kirby and Graham Dunning

via Graham Dunning


Svitlana Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko – Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy (Night School Records)

this new reissue of a mysterious kiev underground release on @nightschoolrecs looks/sounds promising too. subdued, gently foreboding folk songs

via Adam B. Donoval


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