Music Recommendations for January 2020 : Pt. 3
Music Recommendations for January 2020 : Pt. 3

Music Recommendations for January 2020 : Pt. 3

New Music Recommendations

Third roundup of music recommendations for January from our followers!

See part 1 here and part 2 here.


Earth and Stone – Devil Wise (Cha Cha, 1979)

1979 dub tune “Devil Wise” by roots reggae duo Earth and Stone. Dub version of their song “Devil Must of Made You”. From the album Kool Roots.

via Sean Walters

Brian Eno – The Big Ship (EG Records, 1975)

All day long.

via Sam Pryce

Wire – Cactused (Pink Flag, 2020)

From Mind Hive – release date 24.01.20

via John Carty

The Blood Brothers – Anthrax (Remix) (V2, 2006)

Gang of Four cover…

Cabaret Voltaire – James Brown (Virgin/Some Bizzare, 1984)

Television Personalities – My Very First Nervous Breakdown (Fire Records, 1992 / 2018)

via Ray Taaffe

Sault – Don’t Waste My Time (Forever Living Originals, 2019)

If you’re not listening to Sault , the best R&B pop post-punk minimalist funk mystery group this side of ESG, Cymande, the Meters, Lijadu Sisters, and Prince. . . “don’t waste my time,” just go buy their records

via Musicophilia

Steve Roden · Jason Kahn – Untitled (Korm Plastics, 2003)

Bernhard Günter w/Jeph Jerman – Buddha with the Sun Face / Buddha with the Moon Face (Trente Oisaux, 2013)

via Them Hunger

Kenneth Kirschner – Filaments & Voids (12k)

evening soup making listening.

via Richard Chartier

Shards – Find Sound (Erased Tapes, 2019)

via Raised By Cassettes

Vicious Pink Phenomena – Promises (The Mobile Suit Corporation)

Rare weirdness, 47 Flexi-pop faves

via Neuro… No Neuro

Sarah Davachi – Soi​-​MêMe Comme La Matin (Jaz Records, 2016)

via no place like drone

Modula Green – Shellground (Fax, 1995)

with all tha talk of 90s pop stars that fizzled out, why not bring back electronic musicians who only made music in the 90s for a similar comeback event? lotsa cool options

personally id love to see the people behind “modula green – shellground” comeback with new tunes

via Lempamo

Mute Duo – Red-Winged Blackbirds (American Dreams Records, 2020)

Jaw hit the damn floor first time I saw the video for Mute Duo’s “Red-winged Blackbirds.” Extremely honored to be showing it off today. Their album “Lapse In Passage” available 3.20 via @AmerDreams.

via Jordan Reyes

Swell Maps – One of the Crowd (Alive Records, 1999/2009)

Memories of touring the US with @graveface_recs #169: ran into Nicki Sudden in middle of nowhere gas station in Mid West @3am. Looked each other up and down, 0 words. Opened for him following night. He passed out on couch at party. Died 1 wk later.

via Dufus Wainwright

Lionel Marchetti + Cat Hope (Performed by Decibel) (Room40, 2018)

here’s the full length version packaged for release by the amazing Room40 label.(Room40 has so much truly beautiful&stunning experimental releases).fully worth price of CD&shipping from Australia.or digital if thats all you need.

Company Flow – Patriotism (1999)

via Creepy Joni


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