Listening Room // Even More Leftover Music Recommendations from April 2020!
Listening Room // Even More Leftover Music Recommendations from April 2020!

Listening Room // Even More Leftover Music Recommendations from April 2020!

One last batch of leftover music recommendations from April! See part 1 here and part 2 here


Kendra Amalie​/​Ryley Walker – Papaya In A Hound’s Tooth (Self Released) 

Big news for fans of guitar music-@kendraplex and I made a new duo record called “Papaya In A Hound’s Tooth” and its super fucked up sounding and nobody can play like us. Buy digitally on Bandcamp NOW and ZONK your way through this

Specta Ciera & Arbee – 5​-​405 e​.​p. (Aatma Records) 

Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, this release somehow manages to pack a huge amount of quality into such a seemingly small parcel. The music here is sublime, moving you along at a pace that seems unhurried yet headlong. The 20 minutes goes by far too fast.

via Eeem

dsic – Urewera II (LF Records) 

He suddenly became ill, the doctor returning him on the sick report as consumptive. The natives thinking he was going to die, asked for leave to remove him to a small whare in the bush; in fact he was put there to die. It was there he dreamt a dream, that he should be the founder of a new religion. He was looked upon as a man risen from the dead.

via Disco Never Died

Benjamin Finger – Less One Knows (Dead Definition) 

They’re ready! 🥳

CDs of @benjaminfinger’s mesmeric new record “Less One Knows” are now available. Pre-orders will go out this week. Thanks so much for everyone’s support

Becker & Mukai – Time Very Near (SaS Recordings)

a genre stew from two multi-instrumentalists

Parisian cinema composer Jean-Gabriel Becker is best known for idiosyncratic soundscapes, whilst Susumu Mukai is a world-renowned Japanese composer and multi- instrumentalist. Together they’ve created fresh new music that floats effortlessly above traditional genre delineation, with a dubbed-out and experimental melange of modern acid house, post punk, global grooves and clattering beats.

Susumu Mukai, originally from Osaka, Japan, is one of London’s most sought after musicians, whose list of collaborators includes Floating Points, Vanishing Twin, Alexis Taylor and Fimber Bravo. His discography includes releases for XL, Ed Banger, Multi Culti and Kitsune, with remixes for Trevor Jackson, John Cale and Air.

via Bill Barnett

Reeking Aura – Beneath the Canopy of Compost (Self Released) 

How about death/Doom with 3 guitars? Yes please

Odd Nosdam – Flippies Shit Tape (Self Released) 

via Willie McAlpine

Moralix – What Went Wrong (Girly Girl Musik)

This album is made from the shattered hopes and dreams of teenage @Shazzaiya, carefully picked up and glued back together in all it’s lofi glory. Five droning ambient experiments from 2004.

Minimal Drone GRL – Ancestral Origins (Bricolage)

The sun is shining here in Glasgow. What better time to zone out and escape with the full album @Ambient_Skyze
album stream on @SubcityRadio

You can grab the album on cassette + digital at our bandcamp.

New on Invisible City Records. April 2020 batch.

Occult noise, harsh drone, electric transmission, minimal organ.

Radium Jaw – S/T

Rovox 625 – Too Close To Home 

Matthew Atkins & Peter Marsh – Plume

Romain Bertheau – Nineteenth Dynasty

The Great Lie – Defying Extinction (Self Released) 

How’s your Monday morning going? Does it need a kick in the ass? Check out the #NewRelease by The Great Lie – punk rock/hardcore/metal band from Long Island, NY

Recorded by Martin Bisi 

via The Rodent Hour

Obey Cobra – Oblong (Self Released) 

This album by Obey Cobra is brilliant.

via Box Records

Bitter Fictions – Eloquent & Despairing (Self Released) 

fresh off tapes recorded the last couple months

aged – Still Life (Self Released) 

hey friends, I’ve been slowly writing bits of music over the past few months. I think of it as computer music for pacing by yourself.

aged is Nate Holdren

Michael Hayden – Rain, Inquietude, Apprehension, Centipedes (Self Released) 

See also – Underhand / Sleep Lady

Vitalis – Audio Pareidolia (Self Released) 

Surprise!! Audio Pareidolia is out on my bandcamp today, as I wanted to release it before quarantine was over. Will be on spotify and iTunes etc soon, enjoy! 👁

Kizunaut – Tidal Wave (Self Released) 

Kick off your week with this synth blast!

Art by @Octopuddle

Xander Harris – Emo Night​/​The Dreams of Donna Golden (Self Released) 

This was intended for a split single with a buddy slated for release on a German label. However, with the world currently upside down, I have a feeling that releases in a physical format are going to be shelved for a while. With that said, here’s the first new material under the Xander Harris umbrella after a couple of years of not doing anything with it. I figured it would be a low key way to dip the toes back in. I hope you enjoy.

Pay what you’s want.

Nat Baldwin – Autonomia II: Recombinations (Traced Objects) 

Nat Baldwin’s AUTONOMIA II: Recombinations braids new music, noise, and free improvisation to generate a distinctive sonic vocabulary for solo double bass. Picking up where AUTONOMIA I: Body Without Organs left off, Baldwin uses an additional bow for preparation alongside an array of extended techniques, exploring the tension between chaos and precision, violence and exuberance, destruction and possibility. Side A emphasizes fractured, gestural dynamics, while Side B explodes with dense, manic energy.

Chapterhouse – Blood Music (Dedicated / Cherry Red) 

Chapterhouse retranslated by Global Communication ‎– Pentamerous Metamorphosis (Dedicated / Music on Vinyl)

Digging deep into the cd collection… #NowPlaying 

Came free with the 1993 album Blood Music by Chapterhouse Game changing remixing


Woodenbox – Home & the Wildhunt (Olive Grove Records) 

We are incredibly excited to announce that to celebrate its ten year anniversary, we are going to be rereleasing @woodenboxband debut album, ‘Home & the Wildhunt’ on vinyl for the first time.

The perfect summer soundtrack – Scotland on Sunday

Trance – Fatal Blow (Self Released) 

Okay, starting a reissue campaign that will take a while. My first cassette under the name Trance, from 1988, remastered (somewhat) and on Bandcamp now. Enjoy the proto-industrial-rock soundz (or don’t, that’s fine too)

Fatal Blow was the first cassette I released under the name Trance, and is in a decidedly noise-rock vein. This was 1988, and following some weird 4-track experiments, I recorded this before, during, and after moving to California. It’s clearly inspired by Big Black, Swans, Stick Dog, and similar things I was listening to at the time though it’s got an industrial tinge to it thanks to SPK, Test Dept and so on.

Trance was a project of Mason Jones 

Pole – 1-2-3 (Self Released) 

Taking his name from a defective analogue Waldorf 4-Pole filter, the broken machine’s distinctive crackles gave Pole the starting point for his equally simple and subtle sound layers. Rhythmic textures and warmly pulsing bass lines join in play and, at least from Pole 2, experience a slow shift towards Minimal Dub.

Pole 1 (1998), Pole 2 (1999) and Pole 3 (2000), originally released as three consecutive albums in their own right, and described by The Wire as “…a set of roadmaps for the soul”, are presented together to highlight Pole’s deliberate statement – reinforced by the titling of the albums and their minimalist monochrome cover art.

via Vector Scopa


The Exquisite Corpse 

okay official launch for this exquisitely corpsed compilation.

forty two recordings, fourteen random noisy combines, forty nine minutes stitched arbitrarily together, and by christ it worked!

the brain:

-a.b.i.-, alan morse davies, caroline mckenzie, cath tyler, concrete/field, cowp, dan gusset, daniel j. gregory, the doll, thefallinfives, gary and the plant pots, grm, howard jacques, ivy nostrum, joaquín guirao, julian bradley, kek-w, the kendal mintcake, the leaf library, mariam rezaei, matt dalby, mike holland , neil campbell, ollijohanna, onde isolate, penn bryce, pete um, prince dawson, rick foot, see monsd, spatulacity, steve tromans, szuumm, unknown rockstar, wizards tell lies, yol.

Put together by cowsarejustfood


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