Listening Room // More Leftover Music Recommendations from April 2020!
Listening Room // More Leftover Music Recommendations from April 2020!

Listening Room // More Leftover Music Recommendations from April 2020!

More music recommendations from April that didn’t make it into other posts! See part 1 here

And there’s even more new music to discover in our archives


Going to share a few (mostly new) records I’ve been enjoying this past week….

Sunwatchers – Oh Yeah? (Trouble in Mind) 

Ripping, liberating freeform instrumentals that hit right in that sweet spot between punk, psych and free-jazz. The band Ayler would be playing in if he was still alive. Radical music by radical people for radical times

VA – Bongo Beats & Bankruptcy: The Sound of I’m a Cliché (I’m a Cliche) 

This excellent compilation of electronic oddities on the very underrated @ImAClicheLabel. The kind of music that sits halfway between the armchair and the dancefloor.

Fatigado – Tou Fixe (Golden Mist Records) 

I totally love the DJ Python record but that’s had loads of inches dedicated to it. So here’s some downtempo, lazy breakbeat in a similar vein from a lovely looking Lisbon cassette label. Deep kuduro.

Organizatsiya – Strane Lezioni (Besoins Premiers)

This beautiful piece of fourth world, trippy, chuggy electronics from some sort of loose collective in Paris. Think “Tandem” might be the best thing I’ve heard all year

Six Organs of Admittance – Burning the Threshold (Drag City) 

I fell out of touch with Ben Chasny a while back, but have been listening to his recent work where he seems to have gone back to his roots. Lonesome, well travelled psychedelic folk never goes out of style.

Jabu & Daniela Dyson – Jabu + Daniela Dyson (Do You Have Peace?)

Feel like I was one of a select few who really connected with the Jabu record on BeB (shout out to fellow sadboi @maisonreve_ ) so this lush cassette of offcuts hit me right in the feels. Trip-hop broken down and re-assembled.

Jessica Ekkomane – Multivocal (Important Records) 

Stumbled across this by @jessicaekomane today via a recommendation from the ever wise Marylou (those who know, know). I love minimalist music that maintains a certain human imperfection. Disarmingly pyschedelic and touching.

via Phil Bloomfield 

Johny Nocash – and if I told you that the sky was green today​.​.​. (Self Released) 

Delighted with the midweek stats, but not going to break the Top 40 any time soon. Which is just how I like it.

Here’s my latest ep, pay what you want!

via Adam Jeffery

Plone – Puzzlewood (Ghost Box) 

Redwine, check, mini burgers, check, beautiful blue sky, check, new Plone LP on repeat, check.

The long awaited third album from much loved vintage synth maestros Billy Bainbridge and Mike Johnston, finally finds its home on Ghost Box Records. This is unironically joyful and melodic electronica; informed by library music, music for children’s TV and a deep passion for the history of music technology.

via The Home Current

Tar – Live November 6, 1992 at Lounge Ax (Self Released) 

There’s a Tar live album that’s hot fire on the bandcamp the band put up. Treat yo’ self.

via DorothyFlail 

X – Alphabetland (Fat Possum Records)

Big news: the original lineup of X has just released its first album in 35 years. Alphabetland is available now exclusively at @Bandcamp

The original foursome – Exene Cervenka, John Doe, Billy Zoom, and DJ Bonebrake have now made the album available for fans to purchase and by adapting to this moment, X continues to embody the same spirit they did when they began in 1977.

via chickfactor

Daniel J. Gregory & Carnivorous Plants – Dusty Starlight (Kirigirisu Recordings) 

Daniel J Gregory and Carnivorous Plants present 10 refracted landscapes. From the mountains, coasts and cities of Europe, through an old Soviet camera before being rendered in sound by guitars, static and junk.

John Truscinski – Bridle Path (Open Mouth Records) 

John Truscinski’s beautiful new solo album ‘Bridle Path’ is out now on Bill Nace’s Open Mouth Records. I’ve got this one on an infinity loop for a while.

via Steve Gunn

JG Thirlwell & Simon Steensland – Oscillospira (Ipecac Recordings) 

Brooklyn based composer/producer/performer JG Thirlwell (Foetus, Manorexia, Xordox) – who has collaborated with the likes of Zola Jesus, Melvins, Swans, Kronos Quartet and many others, and is the composer for the highly acclaimed animated TV series ‘Archer’ and ‘Venture Bros’ – and Swedish multi-instrumentalist and theatre music composer Simon Steensland collaborate on a new album Oscillospira.

Different yet complementary, both creators make idiosyncratic music that can be characterised by dramatic intensity, shadowy suspense, darkness and light, sometimes breathtaking and always evocative cinematics. Oscillospira is an odyssey of dark chamber prog with a cinematic bent, largely instrumental album with eerie choral parts.

via Shaman Lee

The Green Kingdom – Residence on Earth (Past Inside the Present)

The album gestated over a couple years or so, in which time a lot can happen. As one gets older, it’s natural to think about the time you’ve spent on this planet and what you will leave behind. This was only punctuated by the unexpected loss of my aunt. At some point while crafting these pieces, I also pulled Pablo Neruda’s book of poetry Residence on Earth off the shelf. The surreal imagery and emotions these works evoke felt connected to the music on many levels, and informed the course of the album until its completion. This album is dedicated to the memory of Mary V. Mannino.

Buck Curran – No Love is Sorrow (Obsolete Recordings) 

The dread hovered very low yesterday. Things that helped: talking to collaborators & colleagues about projects, the dogs, Alan Moore, Os Mutantes, The X-Files, Thin Lizzy, @buckcurran, connecting with friends though my @aquadrunkard radio show.

via Jason P. Woodbury

Kyle Jameson – View From Above (Self Released) 

IT’S FINALLY OUT! absolute deep gooey weather channel-core by a seasoned & trained fusion multi-instrumentalist, an actual real live jazz dad who taped local atlanta jazz radio all through the 80s & still listens to the cassettes

via Angel Marcloid

La Agonia de Desear Existir – Isolation (Marly Records)

He is back again out of his dungeon of beats to bring you his new release Isolation. Enjoy his electronic beats and rhythms he is known for. Grab your favorite headphones and let the music play.

Pulsewidth – Sined-Sealed-Delivered Volume 1 (Self Released) 

Submitter for your approval: sined-sealed-delivered volume 1. drones from the vault, decanted for your enjoyment…

Pulsewidth is Ernie Dulanowsky

NYX – Sketches, Demos, Rehearsals EP (Self Released) 

Some nice work here for fans of the female voice in drone.

via No Place Like Drone

Junk Drawer – Ready For the House (Art for Blind) 

I’m unreasonably excited to finally see the Junk Drawer debut LP out in the world. Safe to say we put a lot into this one. If you’re in any way predisposed to indie rock/psych/garage, 40 minutes of your day/night would be v. much appreciated

via Brian Coney

M.A.K.T Sono – Do Da Dangle (Linear Obsessional) 

Parisian analogue synth improv duo. Warm and witty, bouncy and freaky. Free, or pay if you like, but certainly enjoy.

Cloud Dameter – Cloud Diameter 2 (Submarine Broadcasting Company) 

the music unfolds as a haunting assemblage of virtual timbres, squishing keyboard presets into new alien musical instruments, guiding them through amplifiers and effects to make a hovering pocket orchestra of digital chamber pieces – Tristan Bath//The Quietus

Bluesukan – Bluesukan (Alt) – Home Isolation Master (Self Released) 

my brother Otto just released two jazz pieces he recorded with some talented musicians in Indonesia last fall

via Dog Dog / Ed Stuparitz

Fake Fever – Surrogate (Business Casual) 

Highly recommended. This is a great album!

Slow-cooked on a long journey of curiosity, doubt, and love to get here.

via Vapor Memory


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