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Psychic Graveyard - 19th Circuit Video

Last time we checked in with our associates at Psychic Graveyard, the crisis wasn’t even a tiny speck on the horizon. Now that they’re back with a new video and an album the bleakness on display seems even more in tune with times.

Rather short and enigmatic, both the song and the (animated) video leave a lot of questions, namely:

  • what is 19th circuit?
  • is this how our robotic future will look and sound like?

Given the repetitive nature of lyrics and all the white hot violent post punk/synth punk action taking place, its safe to assume that the two questions are connected. We’re most inclined to think that the circuit in question is a robotic jail of the future, futuristic analog of 7th circle from Dante’s Inferno.

If it is, indeed, the case, then we hope that the concept will stay purely an artistic one. With that said, there’s no denying the mesmerizing nature of both the song and the video (dark/disturbing as they may be).

Video by Federico Teramonte

19th Circuit appears on The Next World EP via SKiN GRAFT Recordings

A Bluebird Vacation is out on May 22 via Deathbomb Arc

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