Listening Room // Leftover Music Recommendations from April 2020!
Listening Room // Leftover Music Recommendations from April 2020!

Listening Room // Leftover Music Recommendations from April 2020!

All the music recommendations from April that didn’t make it into other posts! Handpicked by our followers. 

And there’s even more new music to discover in our archives


At The Altar Of The Horned God – Through Doors of Moonlight (I, Voidhanger Records) 

They had me at the Arckanum, Urfaust, and Dead Can Dance comparisons. I, Voidhanger always delivers

via Gargotheron

ATOM™ – ‹3 (Raster) 

new Atom™

<3 is an alphanumeric pre-echo, arisen from a 2019 number dream//
cutting through the haze of meaning//

via vmdTM

Ulcerate – Stare Into Death And Be Still (Debemur Morti Productions) 

Oranssi Pazuzu – Mestarin Kynsi (Nuclear Blast) 

New Ulcerate and new Oranssi Pazuzu – what a time to be alive.

Granted there’s a pandemic on and we’re in lockdown but still……

And there’s folk dying. Aye ok.

But what a time to be alive!

via Lisa Coverdale

Groovy Kaiju – Still Groovy (Pacific Plaza Records) 

“After 4 years of thinking about this album and throwing ideas around in my head, and living a lot of life experiences, It’s finally here. Groovy Godzilla is now Groovy Kaiju, and I am groovier than ever! Even with the name change, I’m “Still Groovy”. This one is for all the cool cats who have been missin’ out on these sweet tunes blasting from the shores of Monster Island.” -Groovy Kaiju

via vylter

Cut a Lonely Figure – Sugimoto Seascapes (Fractal Meat Cuts) 

You may not know this about me, but I love drone and organ. So I highly recommend this @grahamdunning release.

in the garden with the bees and birds and butterfly’s and this beauty from @bluetapesuk

New release on Fractal Meat – some pipe organ drone to ease you through your lockdown. 

via cowsarejustfood / Andrew Anderson

Økapi – Kids Selection (Self Released)

Must-Listen Sunday Morning Soundtrack

via b o b

Jaded Luxuries – Thoughts EP (Fireflower Foundation)

“Yo Seffi, what are you doing on 420?”

I’ll be listening to the debut release by @NeuroticJade which drops tomorrow at @FireflowerVapor 💚

via Seffi Starshine

Hollow Ship – Future Remains (PNKSLM)

I think this Hollow Ship record is neato. 

Punk Slime Recordings are proud to present the debut album from Gothenburg quintet Hollow Ship, the follow-up to the acclaimed debut 7” We Were Kings from late 2019. Due on April 3, Future Remains is a massive introduction from the band, showcasing their unique take on psychedelic rock which sounds like nothing else around, expertly produced by Hollow Ship together with Mattias Glavå (Dungen etc) on the majority of the album and working with Daniel Johansson on opening track “Take Off”.

Erik Higher via Revolt of the Apes

Rich Ruth – Where There’s Life – Part 3 (Self Released)

four sweet ambient tracks

Moor Jewelry – True Opera (Don Giovanni Records)

spontaneous punk blasts by Moor Mother & (Mental?) Jewelry

via Bill Barnett

Steve Gunn – Livin’ In Between (Self Released)

EP out today w/ Neil Young’s great song ‘Motion Pictures’. This one has been feeling a bit more resonant these days. Included are covers of some other favs the Misfits & Michael Chapman that we’re done a while back for @aquadrunkard

Nurse Predator – De Nive Sexangular (Self Released) 

New Nurse Predator album! Some serious dub bass and industrial textures going on here.

“I have been led to the conclusion that the surface of the moon is not smooth ,even and perfectly spherical-but on the contrary to be uneven and rough and crowded with depressions and bulges” – Galileo.

via Polypores

Deuce Avenue – The Blasting Years (No Rent Records)

‘Los Angeles, the city of broken dreams. On ‘The Blasting Years’, Noah Anthony takes us on a defeated, late night drive through it’s endless highways. With minimal percussion and dread inducing synths, you feel the malaise churning within as the cocaine wares off and the self loathing doubles. Occasionally an echoing melody settles itself over the beat like an old memory appearing in the passenger seat. ‘The Blasting Years’ serves as an existential cruise through an alien landscape, where disappointments, dreams, and delusions merge across the windshield.’ -Carlos Gonzalez

Pastoral – S/T (Transylvanian Tapes) 

Haunting Dark Ambient.
Recorded in isolation by Patrick Hills.
A soundtrack of tragically gorgeous doom and gloom.

Patrick is responsible for recording Chrch, Chrome Ghost, Exulansis, GraveCoven, Battle Hag, (Waning), Defecrator, Denunciation, King Woman, Vrtra and a whole lot more. Patrick also plays Drums in the Doom Metal band OCCLITH!

Yves Tumor – Heaven to a Tortured Mind (Warp Records) 

via T2,000,000

Toby Wiltshire / Steve Hadfield / Field Lines Cartographer – Distant Transmissions Vol.1 (Self Released) 

It’s a 3 track ambient EP feat. @ImpulseArray @Steve_Had_Music and me.

All proceeds go to @TrussellTrust foodbank charity, who’s vital work needs extra support now.

25 mins of music for £3 folks!

via Toby Wiltshire

Superorder – Excellent Systems (Self Released) 

@subinev helped put this one out 

Corey J Brewer – Velvet Vampire Preview (Self Released) 

Here are two songs I’ve written for the 1971 film the Velvet Vampire, that I would have been performing live tonight at the @OlympiaFilmFest. Its being rescheduled for Autumn, which is frankly perfect. Spooky times.

Rob Dobson – No Cover Covers vol. 1: Barstool Blues b​/​w Henry (WarHen Records) 

Have you heard these Neil Young and New Riders of the Purple Sage covers from @dobrobson yet?


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