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Cottage Lullabies - Guest Mix

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The legacy of vintage stock music usually centers on edgy funk samples, but it’s soft side is notable for it’s own reasons. For one, the ever-present ‘pastoral’ category brought the gentlest, most touching sounds in the field. These were nostalgic chamber pieces filled with harp, strings and timid flutes; the soundtrack to barns, cabins or a grandmother’s cottage.

The pure tenderness of this music was quick to strike a nerve with me. Like an unspoiled garden or antique, this is a very straightforward and fragile kind of tenderness. Fitting as it sounds that it wound up stashed away like a dusty farm diary, they’re too beautiful not to un-dust.

Dedicated to my grandmother’s backyard <3


John Cameron & Paul Martin – Moment Of Warmth (Little Creatures, Bruton)
Fiachra Trench – Reminiscence (Pastorale, KPM)
Paul Williams – Wistful Dreams (Memories, Parry Music)
Eugene Cines – Natures Colours (Seeds In The Wind, KPM)
Brian Bennett – Drifting Shapes (Tone Poems, Bruton)
Richard Harvey – The Water Garden (life cycles 2, KPM)
James Clarke – Running Waters (Nature Study Vol. 1, Bruton)
Dick Walter & Eugene Cines – Quiet Reflection (Seeds In The Wind, KPM) [YouTube Only] James Clarke – Midsummer Haze (Country Calendar, Music House) [YouTube Only] Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Romantic Garden (Open Air Impressions, Coloursound)
David Snell – Recollections (Reflections, Bruton)
Adone Grossi – Fiumi e Salici (Agreste/Bucolico, Commenti Musicali) [YouTube Only] Andre Tschaskowski – Personal Mood 2 (Emotionally, Coloursound)
Volker Kriegel & The Groove-Combination – The Gentle Old Man (Leaf, Biton)
Johnny Pearson – Autumn Reverie 60-Second Edit (Piano and Orchestra 1, KPM)
John Fiddy & Norman Candler – Tender Feeling 2 (Softly, Sonoton) [Mixcloud Only] Andre Tschaskowski – Sentimental View 1 (Emotionally, Coloursound)
Keith Mansfield – Wonderlust (Soft Horizons, KPM)
Brian Bennett – Summer Reverie (Love’s Themes, KPM)
Robert Viger – Limpidite (Climats, Musique Pour L’Image)
Paul Williams – Pretty Flowers (Electric Piano Solos, Bruton)
Jim Lawless – Rest (Reflections, Bruton)
Nino Nardini – Morning Dew (Nature – Nocturne, L’Illustration Musicale)
John Tender & Mladen Franko – Sweet Dreams 2 (Children Pets And Clowns, Coloursound)

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