Interview with Dean Spunt (No Age / Wives) + Video Playlist
Interview with Dean Spunt (No Age / Wives) + Video Playlist

Interview with Dean Spunt (No Age / Wives) + Video Playlist

We recently had a chance to talk to Dean Spunt from No Age (as well as Wives and C.R.A.S.H.) regarding the band’s new album (Snares Like a Haircut) and a host of other topics (from Nirvana/Sonic Youth comparisons to ways of achieving agelessness (question submitted by Tiki Twins)).

Dean also recorded some solo material, including a split with Windy & Carl on Life Like label. As he explains in an email

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I did the one split with windy and Carl, and the flexi on DoPe press editions. The tape came about fairly easy, and I recorded it live in the space based on some text I had written on the road. It’s just vocals and live percussion. The flexi was a song I wrote after a conversation with Dorothee Peret, the editor of the magazine ParisLA, about music and collaboration. It’s more involved, all samples and vocals.
I have another solo LP coming out that is based on a performance I did at Gordon Robichaux gallery last year involving feedback and motion sensor speakers. It will come out this year on Radical Documents, a new label from Los Angeles run by artist Matthew Clifford Green.
Our readers/followers proved to be very responsive (as usual) when we made a call to pick a favorite tune by No Age / submit questions for Dean! The resulting video playlist is below with tunes picked by Conor Crockford (Tin Flowers), Cameron Kieber (Eldridge Rodriguez) and Sean Caldwell (Letters From a Tapehead)

No Age is currently on tour and some of the remaining tour stops include Minneapolis (7th Street Entry), Madison (High Noon Saloon), Brooklyn (Brooklyn Bazaar) and Chicago (The Empty Bottle).
If you enjoyed the interview with Dean, we strongly suggest diving into our archives and check out other interviews we did with Lee Ranaldo, Kristin Hersh, Dylan Carlson, Pia Fraus and many more! You can also subscribe to our posts and/or subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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