Interview with Dylan Carlson
Interview with Dylan Carlson

Interview with Dylan Carlson

Dylan Carlson

Last Friday we had a privilege of interviewing legendary Dylan Carlson (aka drcalrlsonalbion, the only constant member of Seattle band Earth). Some of the subjects of our conversation included MTV, grunge, his new album Conquistador (out on Sargent House in April) and Robert Smith / The Cure.

Mr. Carlson is also hitting the road in support of Conquistador this July – some of the stops on tour include Cat’s Cradle (North Carolina), 9:30 Club (Washington DC), The Mill and Mine (Knoxville, TN) and Royale (Boston). Sharing the bill are Kurt Vile and the Violators and Sleep.

Few more things worthy of looking into:

Pre-Interview Twitter Thread – featuring Q&A where drc talks about his favorite AC/DC album, explains how he grew his magnificent beard/mustache and so much more

Earth x Petridisch – Ruling the Divine Teeth of Lions – reworking by Petridisch

Hazy Recollections of Miami Morning Coming – droney cover from Irish project Ghost Signs / hidden track from

These Small Things Rebuild (2016)

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