Interview with Lower Slaughter

Lower Slaughter are in Bristol for a gig following the release of their bloody superb new album Some Things Take Work. I found out a few weeks ago that Barney who plays bass with them is (like me) a big fan the improbably named 90’s lo-fi unit Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. It’s clear from…

Interview with Buck Gooter

Photos by: Patrik Thomas / Adrienne Jeanne Brown Buck Gooter are the hardest working weirdos currently grinding the freak circuit & you cannot convince me otherwise. For well over a decade, this dynamic duo have spent their weekends & basically all free time traveling to basements & DIY venues all over America & beyond, spreading their…

Gary Wilson: An Interview With the King of Endicott

Spread the loveWhen I found out I would be interviewing one of heroes, the inimitable Gary Wilson, I immediately sought out every record of his I hadn’t heard yet and was struck by how much I loved every album and song this musician has released. From the Invasion of Privacy EP to the 2000s albums Lisa Wants to Talk to You, Feel the Beat, and Electric Endicott, Gary Wilson has built up a criminally underrated and musically astounding body of work that I believe will endure. Alone With Gary Wilso

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