Bandcamp Recommendations // Breathe for George Floyd
Bandcamp Recommendations // Breathe for George Floyd

Bandcamp Recommendations // Breathe for George Floyd

Breathe for George Floyd

25 tracks from names both familiar (John Lurie, Ceschi, Psychic Graveyard, Incentive) and new alike (Puddin’ Bones, Plastocron, Free Soil). Compiled by our friend and associate David Breather.

This is a compilation of various artists who have united to make a contribution to the memory of George Floyd in the wake of his murder by the Minneapolis Police. We call for justice for George Floyd and all victims of police brutality and systemic racism in the USA and the World.

All proceeds will go to the George Floyd Memorial Fund and the Justice and Equality Fund which raises funds for multiple organizations to fight racial injustice and police brutality. It is name your own price so please give what you can. All proceeds after Bandcamp fees will go to the Funds listed above. We want the Floyd family and others who are victims of police brutality to know they have overwhelming support. Together we will fight against police brutality, injustice, and racism.


David Breather – Let Him Breathe

John Lurie as Marvin Pontiac – Unbelievable

Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends – Cop Knock

Ceschi & Factor Chandelier – Take It All Back (Parts 1 – 4)

The Muffin Heads – Bang Says The Gun

MenaceTheDJ – Don’t Be Boring

Psychic Graveyard – Weapon

Lemonade Kid – Are You Listening?

Household Gods – Shine Theory

Tristan Welch – The time is always right to do what is right

Incentive – Untitled

Test Subjects – Yo, What Up, Wordy!

Taxxess – Danger

qualchan. – driving down 82nd

Harrison and Dunkley – Click. Split.

Deathnography – Medals

SR388 ft. Jamie Thompson – These Embers are Warm

Binarysweets – Always Be Close

DAMV – Red or Dead Black Panther Mix

Dick Powis – Music to Loot a Target To

Puddin’ Bones – Root Beer Float

Whettman Chelmets – Umbrella Sanctuary

Free Soil – Black

Clone 334 – FTP21213

Plastochron – Need For Noise


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