Bandcamp Recommendations // Sam Goldner
Bandcamp Recommendations // Sam Goldner

Bandcamp Recommendations // Sam Goldner

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Some of the Bandcamp purchases I got today. Help amplify Black voices. We (myself included) shouldn’t have to be reminded

Opening ears to new music recommended by our follower Sam Goldner…all Bandcamp, no Spotify (here’s why).

Medhane – Cold Water (TBHG)

new medhane is pure hypnosis, favorite thing to come out of the whole new east coast rap wave so far, frontrunner for AOTY

Body Meat – The Well (Self Released)

body meat still giving us a sneak peak of what pop music will sound like in 3020, this track is amazing (SHOUT OUT DENVER)

Westside Gunn – Pray for Paris (Daupe)

westside gunn sounds absolutely timeless on this album, “Ver$ace” doesn’t even have a beat and it still goes hard af

Klein – Frozen (Self Released)

klein keeps finding a way to take her craft a level deeper. it’ll be years before i’ve fully absorbed this one

Josey Rebelle – Josey in Space (Beats in Space)

interstellar mix by josey rebelle—”bboy” by fotomachine one of the sickest acid lounge tracks of the year

Delroy Edwards – Slap Happy (L.I.E.S.)

i’ve posted this before but delroy edwards man, come ON. this makes me want to rave at a YMCA Person cartwheeling

Dean Blunt – Roaches 2012 – 2019 (​$​up£r D€lux£) (World Music)

king blunt Folded hands generous of him to collect his youtube bootlegs (which have always been some of his best shit) in one place

MoMA Ready – Restructure (HAUS of ALTR)

moma ready can literally pull off any style, it’s insane. so much energy, pure dance music

KeiyaA – Forever, Ya Girl (Self Released)

keiyaa is making full-on hypnagogic r&b, the synths on this album sound insane, really dense but still totally inviting

NÍDIA – Não Fales Nela Que A Mentes (Principe)

new nidia is some of her most colorful work yet, bizarro dance vignettes, you can practically hear this music wiggle

Yves Tumor – Heaven to a Tortured Mind (Warp)

you don’t need to hear it from me but yves tumor is out there making rock music cool again, who knows what they’ll do next

AceMo – System Override (Self Releases)

acemo just dropped this today and it’s some of his nastiest material yet, head splitting future techno


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