Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Mix by Houdini Mansions
Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Mix by Houdini Mansions

Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Mix by Houdini Mansions

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Independent tape label, music reviews, and home of the Magnetic Mystery Hour.

As the saying goes, we all want to have our cake and eat it too. But at the end of the day how many get to do both?

South Carolina-based Houdini Mansions and its founder Gray Lee is certainly up for the challenge. House of Cake, debut release/compilation from HM the label, came out in 2018 and provided the first clue (it was also reviewed for us by Whettman Chelmets).

And from there the cake-eating / cake-having continued unabated with a slew of releases by Van Jack, Andrew Weathers/Blaine Todd, qualchan. and many others. Add to that the aforementioned Magnetic Mystery Hour podcast and the reviews and….

Interestingly enough, none of Houdini Mansions releases made it into the mix that Gray compiled for us. Instead its a selection of his favorite cuts from 2019, which we don’t mind either!

Still hoping to get that label mix some day – keep an eye on our archives


Liquid Maus – “III” – Carriage House

Otherm – “NeUTOPIA” – Post Medium

Yves Malone – “Narco Monday” – Beyond the Before

Hunted Creatures – “00:00” – Sleep Weed

Xennon – “The Visit” – Miami Cop

Our Alarm Clock – “A Sealed Up Secret Wish” – Time Flies

Machine Listener – “79!” – Colubrid

CDX – “Rose Gold Relationship Goals” – Lion Cuts

BBGuns – “Stanley” – Help Yourself

William Lyon of Rosycross – “Protestant Body and a Catholic Mind” – Alter in der Fülle

Bonnie Baxter – “Glowing Trolls” – Axis

Lindsay Schoolcraft – “Blood From a Stone” – Martyr

Leaving Richmond – “Several Soma” – Great Distances

The Mighty Rhino – “Full Steam” – A Joy Which Can Never Be Erased

Seth Graham – “Black / Yellow ft. Koeosaeme” – Hint

Skule Toyama – “Sailor Moon rock” – Toyama’s Love Island

DATAGIRL – “Gloriosa” – Heaven Cry

Further Reading

End of the Year / Label Mix by Hausu Mountain – features tracks by Machine Listener / Bonnie Baxter

Label Mix by Cudighi Records – features a track by William Lyon of Rosycross

Best of 2018 Mix by Andrew Weathers – features a track by Seth Graham


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