Boston Shows // February 2020 (Pt. 2)
Boston Shows // February 2020 (Pt. 2)

Boston Shows // February 2020 (Pt. 2)

More picks of interesting shows happening around Boston this February! See part 1 here and/or dive into our Boston/New England archives.


Great Scott

Longwave / Lost Film / Aaron Perrino (of the Sheila Divine)

Feb. 20 / $15

Longwave is a New York band that has been described atmospheric indie pop-rock / dreamy shoegaze-leaning fuzz. Active since the early 2000s (reading – Music Alternatives).

Lost Film is a guitar band from Easthampton, Mass.

Suggested by Radiomancy Museum

Boston Art Song Society

Schubert: Winterreise

Feb. 22 / 20$

Location: 8 Newcomb Street #3, Boston, MA 02118

Join us for a performance of Schubert’s masterpiece, Winterreise. Featuring tenor Ethan DePuy and pianist and artistic director Ann Schaefer.

Contemporary Prelude Series – This concert will begin with a performance of Luciano Berio’s Sequenza III by soprano Stephanie Lamprea.


Nice Guys / Glambat / Banana

Feb. 23 / 8$

Nice Guys is pink rock. Glambat is lite grung. Banana is after grung.


Charlie’s Kitchen

Rebuilder / Dead Bars / Oh the Humanity! / Towanda

Feb. 24 / $5

Rebuilder is a gnarly band from Boston. DB is one dead bar at a time.  OTH! is beer, rock and roll music and long walks on the beach. Towanda is what happens when you won’t listen to reason.

Mondays Don’t Have to Suck

The Sinclair

Black Lips / Warish

Feb. 26 / 20$

Black Lips is psychadelic satanic scientologist power… Singing In A World That’s Falling Apart

Warish is what happens when Incesticide era Nirvana is crossed with Static Age era Misfits. Fronted by Tony Hawk’s son Riley.

Midway Cafe

Thought Partner / Freaking / Thighs / Pregnancy Mask 

Some bizarre (but cool) at the Midway JP – PM is post-metal pop and features Fen Rotstein (also in Violet Nox)

Dorchester Art Project

Cake Factory #32

Feb. 29 / $10 donation


With musical performances by Jonstar, sam23, Jimmy Chan and Minnow


Last, but not least…Bugs Bunny Film Festival at Brattle! Running all the way until Feb. 23.

A school vacation treat for kids and fun-loving adults alike, the Brattle’s BUGS BUNNY FILM FESTIVAL has been delighting audiences for a landmark twenty-five years! To celebrate, we’re offering a program featuring the cream of the crop of Bugs Bunny cartoons, co-starring Daffy, Taz, Tweety, and other beloved Looney Tunes characters! One thing hasn’t changed, however, all the films will be shown uncut on 35mm film!


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