Winter 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 2
Winter 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 2

Winter 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 2

Second and final roundup of bios for artists that participated in our Winter 2019 Sampler! Part 1 can be found here.

Thaniel Ion Lee – Digital Freeze

Thaniel Ion Lee is an artist that works in multiple mediums. For the last ten years he has been exploring various processes and thought experiments that are meant to help the viewer see outside their normal point of view. He is in multiple local and international collections. He has been featured in shows at the Speed Local Museum, Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and the United Kingdom.

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Tender Mercy – Sinking

Louisville’s Mark Kramer (aka Tender Mercy) crafts softly dramatic experimental folk ballads that analyze the hypnotic ability of sound.
-Zach Hart/We Listen For You (

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Death Hags – Electrochemical Communication

LA-based Death Hags – better known as the multifaceted project of composer/multi-instrumentalist Lola Jean – is a world traveler in all senses of the world. Born in the French Alps but residing in the hills of Los Angeles now, “Earthbound” is a sonic amalgamation of her French-Californian background (and let’s be honest, it’s kinda of hard not to be incredibly cool when you’re French and living in California) combined with the trippy, space-odyssey vibes of David Bowie’s The Man Who Fell to Earth. Left Bank Mag

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Bleepeater – Grain of Death

Geekd out Sound Designer/Digital Artist finally releasing ones potential expression through technologies.

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Greyscape – Hammer Meets Ice

8-bit/electronic/noise/experimental music artist. I build primitive circuitry for cigar box synths.

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Orchid Domain – Kanzen Shugi

Orchid Domain (DK) is the non-binary, feminist solo project of singer Kristoffer Raasted, based in Copenhagen.

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Hey Exit – Bring Us

Solo project of Brendan Landis (Big Hiatus, Esther Chlorine, It Breaks, Rough Weather, Tethers).
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William Carlos Whitten – Fallen Fruit

Bill Whitten is an American songwriter and musician. He was the founding member, principal songwriter and singer/guitarist for St. Johnny. He was also the singer/songwriter/guitarist for Grand Mal.

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Interbella – Artificial Ignorance

Interbella is a solo Electronic artist creating eclectic sounds by interweaving Electronica, Jazz, Experimental, Hip-Hop, Chill-Hop, Symphonic Exploration, and Film Music.
In other words… Interbella is not defined by any genre.

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Solarein – Scintilla

Boston based producer Vru Patel returned with an album fusing a wonder of space and science with industrial, ambient and shoe gaze sounds. Previously known for his work under the guises of Knoxband and Solarein, and most recently for the ambient masterpiece ‘Psychosis’, Patel returned with an album of epic futuristic intent.
Depicting a journey to the sun in its final moments, Solstice showcases Patel’s trademark ambient multi-layered arrangements but with a heavier, vocal and guitar based edge. Synthesizing the influences of bands such as UNKLE, Boards of Canada, NIN, and Sigur Ros, Solstice is a record of not only hope, but also sonic and metaphysical intrigue. The naming of the tracks has been well thought out, and the element which really sticks is the distinct warmness of all of his sounds. The longer length of his tracks only adds to his ingenuity as a musician.
Border Movement

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Astral Swans – Controls

Astral Swans is the main project of acclaimed Canadian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Swann. After forming in 2012, Astral Swans was previously signed to Madic Records for the 2015 debut release ‘All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson’. Swann is now signed with Saved by Vinyl (Calgary), Moorworks (Japan), and Tiny Room Records (Netherlands).

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James Britt – Winter Last

American artist, musician, writer, and technologist. Raconteur and creator of dance noise.

Read our review of Small Guitar Pieces

Computer – Ascending

Deconstructionalist of music, art, language, and film. Cutting and pasting my way to the future. Self proclaimed MASTER OF AUTOMATISM. Avant-Garf.

Listen to a guest mix that Computer / Zona Zanjeros compiled for IHN

Kizunaut – Freeze

Future music today. Influences include industrial, synthwave, synthpop and video game music.

Listen to a label mix compiled by Asura Revolver
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Spartan Jet-Plex – Stop (Acoustic Version)

If you’ve followed Various Small Flames / Wake the Deaf over the past few years, you’ve probably already heard about Spartan Jet-Plex, the recording project of Virginia’s Nancy Kells. She is also an active figure in the battle for social justice, her work with Friends for Equality indicative of her passion and anger at the current societal situation.

Sinkcharmer – Freeze or Burn

Sinkcharmer started as the 4-track project/band of Paul Coleman (of Haley Moley) back in the early 90’s. Originally known as Alger Hiss, there may be 5 or 6 people with those tapes out there. Sinkcharmer went away for 10 years and was replaced with the moniker “Mount Mole”. Sinkcharmer is back for 2017.

Revenge Technician – Wound Licker

TNTrashElectronics: RevengeTechnician/MannequinHollowcaust/

United Hemispheres – Burning & Alive

United Hemispheres is John Kokoran (founding member of 1990’s underground, bi-costal US band: Drone Theory) – synths, vocals & programming (with occasional guests).

Thorn1 – Answer

Thorn1 was founded in late 2005 in the Altai region of Russia by Evgeny Zheyda as a way for realizing his musical ideas outside of his post-grunge band Partisani. Starting his new project based around melodic electronic compositions, Evgeny discarded his previous musical experiences and began to explore the sound space, to analyze the structure of musical influence on human consciousness from the ground up.
The first mini-album Noises (2006) is a result of his sound experiments; dirty digital noise, like the audio drugs & i-dosing that would become popular years later.  At the same time an unnamed release (later titled Early Recordings ‘06) was distributed among friends. The album consisted of soft melodious tracks and sharply contrasted with the experimental sound of Noises. Thorn1 tended both toward melodic songs and the atonal noise which creates surreal soundscapes, but it was clear that at some point they should be combined.
In early 2008 Thorn1 [EP] was distributed among friends. Interpenetration of melody and noise gave a new turn to Evgeny’s creative work. Neoclassical etudes spiced with the hum of the ice-cold Siberian winds have become the main feature of his music. The EP brought Thorn1 fame among the fans of experimental electronic music in his hometown, but since that time Evgeny Zheyda has distanced himself as a purely electronic artist.
In late 2008 after a personal drama Evgeny left Partisani to devote himself to Thorn1. The search for solace resulted in the contradictory So Far As Fast (2010, Silber Records), the first official release of the young artist. The album is filled with funeral hymns, snowstorms, & the freezing breath of solitude. His music continues to become more personal, more accessible, more challenging, & more refined with each release.
Silber Records

C. Moody Crews – Half-Light

Acef Stripe – Hourglass

Mayat – Snow Crab Scuttle

Dr. Wolfbear – Motherboard

Wizard Tells Lies – Well Be Dead

Lilia Mercedes – Astral Sunrise

Anonymous – Iceblight

TAB IN TAB OUT – Blinded by Flurries


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