Listen – Guest Mix by Zona Zanjeros
Listen – Guest Mix by Zona Zanjeros

Listen – Guest Mix by Zona Zanjeros

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”15″]Deconstructionalist of music, art, language, and film. Cutting and pasting my way to the future. Self proclaimed MASTER OF AUTOMATISM.[/perfectpullquote]
A bio like the one above calls for a very eclectic guest mix and Texas musician Zona Zanjeros (aka Computer) doesn’t disappoint – its the outsiders and the rule-breakers that fill every nook and cranny of his sprawling set!

Many of the tracks on the mix share DNA with Zona Zanjeros own output – between 2017 and 2018 he produced 6 albums, all available via his Bandcamp page. Most of them straddle the line between musique concrete, ambient and noise – think secret transmissions from outer space that are yet to be decoded.

Condeucent – The Earth & All-Earth Broadcast (Mindcore Media/Zadfruc/Bobby Conn Agency, 1993)
U.S. Girls – Mad As Hell (4AD, 2018)
Dear Mr. Time– Your Country Needs You? (A Square Record, 1970 / Belle Antique, 2017)
Gal Costa – The Empty Boat (Phillips, 1969)
The Red Krayola – War Sucks (International Artists, 1967 / Charly Records, 2011)
Cosmic Rock Show – Psiship (Blitz Records, 1968)
Mx-80 Sound – Night Rider (Ralph, 1981 / Ship to Shore Phonograph Co., 2016)
Pain Teens – A Knife * (Anomie, 1988 / Charnel Music, 1998)
D. Boon – Themselves (Freeway, 1984 / New Alliance, 1989 / Box-O-Plenty, 2003)
Container – Calibrate (Spectrum Spools, 2015)
Future Blondes – Heartless (Dull Knife, 2008)
Loke Rahbek – City of Women ** (Editions Mego, 2017)
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Loving Love *** (Type, 2010)
Pharoah Sanders – Love is Everywhere (Impulse!, 1974 / 2016)
Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy – Parola (Spectrum Spools, 2015)
Luc Ferarri – Presque Rien No. 2 B (INA-GRM, 1980)
Yann Novak – The Inertia of Time (Touch, 2018)
Marco Oppedisano – Steel Sky (OKS Recordings of North America / TrAce, 2007)
Vive La Void – Devil (Sacred Bones, 2018) – solo project of Sanae Yamada (Moon Duo)
Zeek Sheck -Victory (Skin Graft. 2008)
Shooby Taylor – Stout-Hearted Men

** Listen to Italo Calvino Disco Mix by The Leaf Library – featuring Like A Still Pool by Loke Rahbek
*** Read our tribute to Root Strata, label that Jefre Cantu-Ledesma founded


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