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Big Debbie - Mouth Wide Open
Goats, black robes and cold war paranoia…there’s a lot to unpack here.
To be exact, there is just one goat in this video – his name is Peter and he’s gorgeous (much like all goats, really). Peter, according to video, plays a part in a magick ritual of some sort initiated by Big Debbie who grew up in Soviet Union, according to her Bandcamp bio. That probably explains why the music is so tense and sinister (think the relentless grind of early Swans) – Soviets knew a thing or two about impending nuclear doom, after all.
The video was directed by fellow Soviet emigre Mary Ocher (whose performance we had a chance to witness in Boston last year). The song (that features fellow gloomsters Terror Apart) can be found on last year’s AB RA CA DEB RA and with nuclear dread rearing its ugly head yet again it just might provide a perfect backdrop to our deeply troubled times.

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