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Existing somewhere amidst enka, the quirky, off-kilter pop of Kate Bush, and the aforementioned field recordings, 32 years later and it’s still difficult to say that we’ve heard anything quite like Souvenir Cassette before or after its initial release.

Most cults are undeniably bad/terrifying, but tonight we’re talking about one that isn’t – the Japanese avant-proggers After Dinner. Their 1988 release “Souvenir Cassette” is incredibly hard to find (the copy goes for upwards of 70$ on Discogs), so it should come as no surprise that current reissue handled by Fish Prints and Recommended Records sold out as blazingly fast as it did.

As anyone even vaguely familiar with Fish Prints knows every single one of their releases comes with a video attached. “Souvenir Cassette” is no exception and its yet another visual landscape that bears traditional elements common to all videos created by Petridisch so far – think the glitchy aesthetic of a broken old VHS player.


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