Music Recommendations for August 2019: Pt. 3
Music Recommendations for August 2019: Pt. 3

Music Recommendations for August 2019: Pt. 3

New Music Recommendations

Checking in with our followers on music they’ve been listening to this month (again)!


Simon Proffitt & Ash Cooke – Gwrth​-​gitâr (Linear Obsessional)

From a new generation of eager and explorative experimental Welsh musicians (perhaps best represented by Cooke’s “Dukes of Scuba” zine) comes “Gwrth-gitâr”, a set of improvised guitar duos.

​”Gwrth-gitâr is free playing in the sense that anything goes. It does not explicitly reject standard Western tuning, melody or harmony, but it does reject the need for such things. It seeks to explore new ways of using a traditional and universally familiar object to paint an alternative view of the world. It is improvised, unrehearsed, and leaves as much to chance as it does to the ability of the operator. It has no interest in being reproducible”

Pinkish Black – Concept Unification (Relapse Records)

Loving this. Manages to be trancey, psych-y and heavy all at the same time.

via Nik Prowse

Panabrite – Xenon District (VCO Recordings)

Revisiting my older Panabrite @normchambers albums and realizing how great this one is. Infinite mood here.

via David Jamzzzz

Viviankrist – Pika-Imp (Self Released)

Today’s ambience…

Viviankrist is Oslo based electronics/noise/experimental artist formally known as Vivian Slaughter of Gallhammer.

via Feminatronic

Autechre – JNSN CODE GL16 / spl47 (Touched Music)

via zanntone

Debby Friday – Death Drive (Deathbomb Arc)

Channeling humanity’s desire for transformation via annihilation, DEBBY FRIDAY returns with her second EP and what she calls a “rock-and-roll revival.” With boisterous vocals, industrial flavour and cacophonous production, the sound of ‘DEATH DRIVE’ is loud and electric; broadcasting a message of grief and salvation. DEBBY FRIDAY’s debut ep, 2018’s ‘BITCHPUNK’ received praise from underground and independent outlets, including The Needle Drop and FLOOD Magazine, as well as garnered her admirers such as rap trio clipping. For her followup, the artist dives deeper into punk rock, gospel intonations and heavy noise, showcasing an evolving sound while still retaining a dancefloor accessibility. It is evident that DEBBY FRIDAY intends to meet impending doom full force and head on.

Xuxa Santamaria – Chancletas D’Oro (Ratskin Records)

Chancletas D’Oro, XUXA SANTAMARIA’s third release and second full-length LP, is a loose concept album focused on exploring femme and womxn narratives drawn from both history and works of fiction. Side A employs reimagined myths, fables, and original fictional narratives to create songs that challenge or obfuscate the received ideas around feminine agency, motivations, and desire.

via carefulwiththataxe

Crystal Fairy – Crystal Fairy (Ipecac Recordings)

Crystal Fairy is the new group featuring Le Butcherettes’ Teri Gender Bender, the Melvins’ Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover with At The Drive-In’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

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