Video Premiere: Equinox – 9 Days After 19 / Driven
Video Premiere: Equinox – 9 Days After 19 / Driven

Video Premiere: Equinox – 9 Days After 19 / Driven

While its never explicitly stated anywhere that Correction, a new album by British electronic producer Equinox, is a concept album, a quick scan of lyrics certainly gives off that exact impression. Not only that, but every track on the album comes with a guest appearance, mirroring the idea behind a lot of hip-hop albums (though hip-hop/r&b record this isn’t).

So what is the concept, you ask? It might have something to do with a decaying relationship. While love is never explicitly mentioned in “9 Days After 19” its hard to imagine anything other than a break-up being a culprit for crushing sense of sadness conveyed by this track:

In contrast, Driven is an extremely upbeat dance song that almost sounds like it could be in a commercial with its mantra of “Beauty, beauty, beauty”. This one features a guest appearance by NYC musician Reed Hayes who is recording for Vince Clarke’s label VeryRecords:

Its also worthy to mention that every song on the album comes with a video of its own (see Broken that was just premiered by Joyzine). So if concept albums about lost love and obsession are your thing, head over to Bandcamp and hear more of what Equinox have to offer.

Correction is out on Aug. 30 via Wormhole World

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