Track-by-Track: Vylter & Broccoli Spheres – No Kings
Track-by-Track: Vylter & Broccoli Spheres – No Kings

Track-by-Track: Vylter & Broccoli Spheres – No Kings

Vylter-Broccoli Spheres - No Kings

arriving tuesday from hypersleep sessions, vylter and broccoli spheres’ no kings makes fantastic use of JESUS IS KING’s low-effort compositions. gone are kanye’s odes to chick-fil-a and $220 yeezys, but here to stay are “closed on sunday”’s gentle acoustic guitar and “every hour”’s choirs, as well as “follow god” and “selah” in their entirety. however, no kings pitches everything down; while “every hour” now sounds truly heavenly, kanye on “follow god,” “selah,” and “use this gospel” sounds almost demonic. strangely enough, the altered no kings versions sound far more human and real than the original JESUS IS KING tracks. is no kings supposed to be showing how religious devotion cripples one’s self? or how there’s elegant beauty in mindlessly thrown-together messes? both? vylter and broccoli spheres are onto something: i can’t place what it is, but it’s certainly fascinating. – @MalachiLui, analogplanet contributor

Making art is a form of madness — we slip deep within our own singular vision and become lost to it. There is no musician on Earth that is as committed to their own derangement as Kanye, and in this respect, at this point in time, he is our greatest artist. – Nick Cave, get off his lawn


no kings

track by track

with the artists


Broccoli Spheres

Never Close

Opens with a storm

Vocalize like the ocean

Sudden low ending

We Have, We Need

Make the sounds accessible

A deep pleading, slow and low

Repetitive prayers

Seeking out meaning

No Additional Text

Predictable beat

Emphasizes want

Trying to believe

Felt G.O.O.D.

Dirtier, more suitable

For a sinner trying hard

To escape a history

Si, Dog

Empathetic pleas

Spread about like clouds

Hiding in the mist


Bouncing off the air

Layered ideas

Line up for takeoff.


Wondering aloud

Proclaiming the name

Orchestral meanderings

Add to the soul’s mystery


Slow down the survivor’s story

Emphasize deep grief 

Isolate wonder

Hales Corner

Military dirge effect

Praise with fuzz and confusion

Justify the devil’s voice

Gaither Triage



We Need, We Have

Emphasis on pleas

Emphasis on please

The muddled voice of heaven


never close: a callback to a song I worked on in 2000 with golobulus (collaboration soon!) and a tribute to Kanye’s vocal solo on the last third of Runaway, ten years after. Sets the table well.

we have, we need: just a warmup take after nearly four years off the drums with a choir and band. 

no additional text: write what you know, stadium pop chords and awkwardness on top of an a capella. Broccoli Spheres really brought me to a new appreciation for how they hear music through producing this as well as writing this together.

felt g.o.o.d.: I like the dizziness that comes from Tricky’s work behind a mic and a board and sampler, so much so that I went into this fully wishing for it to be a lost track from Pre-Millenium Tension, ultimately willing it to a meld of the Vylter scream (every track I do lately ends as a nightmarish break or at least a cathartic howl) and Kanye’s literal shrieks and cries. My heart knew it to be right.

si dog: Dio es? Alive and well on this album, I’m very happy about it. 

fred: sadboi Toronto 2010 style, because Fred Hammond is now the new Bon Iver in Kanye’s mix, and that’s a top tier sadboi move.

golgothan: when I watch Dogma, I hear this in my head, plus a loving ode to Richard Wright I can only hope he would have liked.

colourblind: an aborted song appears in the middle of this track just to rile up Congress. 


hales corner: Selah really didnt need me to do anything, do I just brought it down from its author’s pedestal so I could play some drums and then gave it Right back.

gaither triage: in park, keys still in the ignition and, because it’s 1982, the car is playing a distress signal you might want to raise a family of song with.

we need, we have: listen to the number of syllables, the time signature, the mantra consumes critical thinking, the mantra consumes critical thinking…….the gift shop is sufficient for all your needs, maybe even buy a church of your very own instead of starting one for free by yourself? INRI


No Kings is out now on Hypersleep Sessions


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