Review: We’re All Aliens – Get a Life
Review: We’re All Aliens – Get a Life

Review: We’re All Aliens – Get a Life

We're All Aliens - Get a Life

Review by Mike Stanton / @DepartmentEss

There’s a buzz in town and I’m not referring to that mysterious hum emanating from the local quarry that nobody seems to return from. This buzz is being generated by a whole slew of music blogs about We’re All Aliens, a North West of England rock band who have been hitting up the airwaves with some mighty tunes.

We’re All Aliens’ debut album Get A Life (due to drop in February) is an expansive, reverb-washed alt-rock blaster designed for better living. Think The Cult meets Rival Sons meets Guns N Roses with a pinch of Soundgarden and you get the idea of their sound. Melodies are huge and the riffs are seemingly pulled from a collapsing supernova.

JJ on vocals leads his band of merry men – Biff on guitar, The Big A on drums and Laurent Baruqc on bass – on journeys of sonic annihilation. At times their music shreds dimensional space and allows us to peek through and witness worlds beyond ours; worlds of snapping effects pedals and hissing filters.

As JJ says “The ethos is as simple as trying to find the universality of experience through a love of loud guitar music. Rock N Roll is our church and we ain’t turning anyone away. Come and join the congregation cos ‘We’re All Aliens’ at the end of the day. It’s music for outsiders.”

As masters of hooks and melody, We’re All Aliens’ music embodies a feel-good spirit wrapped in a punk rock sheen inspired by the music of decades past.

Cuts like title track Get A Life, Newsfeed and Where Do You Stand are resplendent in their bright jacketed melodic wardrobes, consisting of distinct movements of noise and spacy expanses.

One Punch is a rock song pure of mighty riffs that tumble down and spin out with increasing ferocity. The mellowing Second Chances, allows for a moment of quiet reflection while still managing to pack in a few punches.

We’re All Aliens have forged an album of such distinct and catchy chemistry that you are left with panting, head-spinning and blurred-out euphoria. It is intoxicating and addictive. I found myself reaching for the replay button almost immediately.

Buy, stream or borrow this album and keep it for future times, for they will come and hug you with all their might.

Get A Life is available for pre-order now and is due to drop February 7th.

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