Review: Hattie Cooke – The Sleepers (Take 2)
Review: Hattie Cooke – The Sleepers (Take 2)

Review: Hattie Cooke – The Sleepers (Take 2)

Hattie Cooke - The Sleepers

Words: Andrulian

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The Background to the album is that people everywhere are falling asleep and not waking up, but nobody knows why. As the scientific community struggles to find a cure, a violent, new cult known as ‘the sect’ emerges with a mission; to sacrifice the sleepers and achieve absolution.
One morning, Maude awakes to find her sleeping son taken by the sect in the night. Searching for answers, she infiltrates the sect posing as a new convert. But she soon finds herself facing unexpected problems when she begins to fall for a fellow member who seems different from the rest.
Will Maude find the answers she’s looking for? 
Hattie has created a superb album based on this context, it’s a synth based, Sci-fi, dystopian sound with cinematic soundscape qualities. It’s superbly layered with synth and bass sounds. You can see the story playing out in your mind, the dystopian feel has an underlying tension, often complimented by an ambience. The album has a cinematic feel at times, it’s engaging and captivating. 
The album opens with Lies, infused with an arp bass riff, leads, swirling pad and layered synth chords that create a sci-fi dystopian feel with tension but an edge of hope. Evacuation sounds like an air raid siren, a call to action with urgency, an underlying tension. Run has an ambience with vocal qualities and a contrasting edge of tension, superb layering again. Red Silk has a strobing quality to the opening, deep bass and chords provide a great contrast. It’s a brooding groove. Chamber again has vocal qualities, it’s an atmospheric, ethereal soundscape. 
Safe Arms has a big sound with deep bass and synth lead, a kind of call and response feel. Ladders has excellent layering and a polyrhythmic type of sound. Riot is an edgy sound with a building tension. a kind of siren quality. I think I can hear helicopters.  Emerging has a slight dissonance, an ambience with an edge of tension. Something’s Watching You has an ambience with an excellent underlying tension. Survival has a brooding quality, an ambience contrasting with bass and chords and Main Theme has a great urgency and nice changes in rhythm. 


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