Track-by-Track // GB3 Compilation
Track-by-Track // GB3 Compilation

Track-by-Track // GB3 Compilation

Notes for final part of the trilogy that also includes Goodbye Better Sampler and I Heart Noise presents Goodbye Better’s Dream of Nostalgia Electronica. Visit Goodbye Better for further info.

1. Honeychild Coleman with Molecule – Orange (radio version)

Honeychild Coleman –
Molecule –

Brooklyn based ROIR and Invisiblegirl Recording artist Honeychild Coleman has worked with The Slits, Mad Professor, and Death Comet Crew, is in documentaries Afropunk, (USA), Firelies and Getting My Name Up There (AUSTRIA)  and the MAKERS storytelling platform for trailblazing women (USA). She currently fronts Blues-Punk outfit The 1865 (Mass Appeal Records), with Musician/Filmmaker Sacha Jenkins (Fresh Dressed / Of Mics and Men), whose music is in the Hulu series Woke! (USA, 2020).

The Paris based producer and head of Mille Feuilles Label, Molécule, has been called “the pioneer of nomadic electronic music” in France after his last two transmedia and meta-sonic projects 60°43’Nord and -22.7°C.

From GB3 por IHN – GB-14 (2021)

2. Rahim – Gasoline!

Rahim was a band from Long Island, New York, active from 2003 to 2008. They released two LPs, Laughter (Pretty Activity 2008) and Ideal Lives (Frenchkiss 2006), and one EP, Jungles (Frenchkiss 2005). Sonically, the band is an amalgamation of Blonde Redhead, Q and not U, Fugazi and Sonic Youth, pulling influences from former torchbearers and catapulting the sound into something completely new. This track was from the 2004 album Goodbye Better – A Musical Compilation, and recorded by Ariel Levine & Phil Douglas. Rahim – Phil Sutton – drums, Michael Friedrich – guitar and vocals and Ryan McCoy – bass.

From Various Artists – Goodbye Better – A Musical Compilation – GB-02 (2004)

3. Ifwhen – Nothing Left to Avoid

Ifwhen were Kentaro, Mary MacDowell, Merc. Formed by Merc – a founding member of the post-shoegaze band All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors – Ifwhen spread their somewhat noisy, especially melodic and oddly structured music throughout NYC and beyond. We Will Gently Destroy You was mixed by Dälek’s Oktopus at Deadverse Studios in early 2007.  Sounding like carefully orchestrated chaos, dense walls of sound create multiple rhythms, melody lines entwine while bass and drums often find pleasantly awkward, unexpected grooves when time signatures and key signatures seem to change at any given moment, usually without warning, somewhat disorienting with gentle vocals and melodic hooks floating about, managing to consistently keep them slightly pretty around the edges.

From GB3 por IHN – GB-14 (2021)

4. Aydin – Silver Surf

Space rock with psychedelic currents, Pittsburgh trio Aydin is composed of Shannon Mominee – guitar and voice; Karen Brooks – drums and voice; Mark Russell – accordion and voice. Their full length Cyclones and Honey came out in 2008. Recorded by Ryan Pritts in Greensboro, NC. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

From Aydin – Cyclones and Honey – GB-07 (2008)

5. The Earthly Frames – Back Gardens

Gabriel Walsh plays experimental rock music as The Earthly Frames. Walsh’s earlier recording project was called Your Team Ring and he released music under this moniker from 1995-2005.
With the Earthly Frames, the high-concept, psychedelia has carried over from Your Team Ring but the lo-fi, whimsical folk have given way to synths and loops.

From GB3 por IHN – GB-14 (2021)

6. Ideas Are Birds – Ideas Are Birds III

Ideas Are Birds live fully improvised via Merry Parker’s closing party for her art exhibit at Columbia. Veronika Sweet – keys, wordless vocals; David Gould – percussion; Victor Korvera – ukulele, water; Ben Malkin – bass. Mastered by Merc Yes.

From Ideas Are Birds – Columbia/Zebulon – GB-13 (2021)

7. Demon Seed – Oh Dad!

Demon Seed is another alter ego for James Jackson Toth, also known as Wooden Wand, who has recorded under his given name as well as the name WAND. Toth’s style has drawn on a variety of both conventional and experimental folk and rock influences, including psychedelic folk, freak folk and indie. Though he was a significant player in the New Weird America trend of the early to mid-2000s, recent releases have been identified as acid folk, free jazz, outlaw country, and country-tinged rock. Toth has appeared on labels including Kill Rock Stars, Ecstatic Peace!, Rykodisc, and Young God. This track was from the 2004 album Goodbye Better – A Musical Compilation.

From Various Artists – Goodbye Better – A Musical Compilation – GB-02 (2004)

8. Gracefully – Slowly

Ambient Majestic Rock out of NYC, this track is from the first self-titled Gracefully full-length released by Goodbye Better in 2009. Ben Malkin: vocals, keys; Lee Diamond – drums, guitar, bass; Padden – Violin. Recorded and produced by Mark Ospovat at Emandee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

From Gracefully – GB-06 (2009)

9. I Feel Tractor – Remainder

I Feel Tractor is the musical project of poet Edmund Berrigan (City Lights), in collaboration with many friends along the way. This track is from Once I Had an Earthquake, the first full-length from the Brooklyn based band, released on Goodbye Better in 2006. Edmund Berrigan: vocals, guitar, harmonica; Evan Sobel: bass, drums, effects. Recorded, produced, and mastered by Evan Sobel.

From I Feel Tractor – Once I Had an Earthquake – GB-03 (2006)

10. So L’il – Inside

This Brooklyn trio formed creepy melodic music for daydreamers to sink their heads into and this track was originally from Dear Kathy, the second EP from the Brooklyn Band, released on Goodbye Better in 2005. (This was later combined and re-released as Revolution Kathy with the band’s debut.) Robin Mapes: vocals; Ben Malkin: vocals, keys, omnichord; Evan Sobel: beats, keys, omnichord. Produced and mastered by Evan Sobel.

From So L’il – Dear Kathy – GB-03 (2005)

11. Scandalabra – Christopher (He Holds Me Close)

Scandalabra was the brainchild of girl group noir mastermind Elizabeth Loza, and this track was released on the Weird Terrain compilation in 2007. Band Members: Elizabeth Loza – vocals, piano, guitar; Troy Williams – bass, vocals; Ben Malkin – drums, vocals; Lauren Feiring, Heather Clark, Eli Vasquez – Backing Vocals; Padden – Violin. Recorded by Mark Ospovat at Emandee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Produced by Scandalabra and Mark Ospovat.

From Various Artists – Weird Terrain – GB-05 (2007)

12. Solilians – A Planet of My Own (7-inch version)

This song is from Solilians 2013 7-inch Binah’s Dream, and featured Neptune Sweet, J Cep, Gabriel Walsh, and Ben Malkin. In late 2016 a longer version was released on Solilians debut Shin, which Simon Lewis in Terrascope stated was “…like lost horizons to the soul mixed with haunted vocals and a rich musical atmosphere that takes you deep within the mysteries, the sound pure and lingering long in your memory, psychedelic and very beautiful.” Produced by Gabriel Walsh at Code Owl Studios. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side. Their most recent release is a split 7-inch / split EP from 2020 with the Boston band Skyjelly on the iconic I Heart Noise label.

From Binah’s Dream 7-inch – GB-08 (2013)


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