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Goodbye Better is a label run by Ben from Solilians (yes, the same Solilians whose split with Skyjelly we just put out). This Bandcamp Friday we’re offering “pay what you want” download of the digital sampler that serves as an intro to the label’s roster/sound. 

Gracefully – The Underground Sundae

Ambient Rock and Psychedelic lounge folk out of NYC, Gracefully is the butterfly metamorphose from the caterpillar So L’il. Their first self-titled 12-song full-length (GB-06), was released by Goodbye Better in 2009.

Ben Malkin: vocals, keys; Lee Diamond – drums; Neptune Sweet – vocals; Don Devore (Ink & Dagger, The Icarus Line, Lilys)- bass, Mike Peluso – guitar. Recorded & produced by Mark Ospovat at Emandee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

Drifting In the Cinema – K

mind-blowing NYC heavy electronica act who debuted on Goodbye Betters 'Weird Terrain' (GB-05) compilation. Half of Drifting In the Cinema was Electric Djinn, the solo musical project of American electronic musician and producer Neptune Sweet, based in New York City.

Band members: Victor Korvera, N. Sweet, David Gould. Recorded by Victor Korvera @ Viva! La Spoon!
Studios. Produced by Victor Korvera and Veronica Sweet.

Mango Moonpie featuring Honeychild Coleman – Inside Trois

Brooklyn-based Kentucky native Honeychild Coleman (GB-04) is a prolific musician and DJ who has worked with such luminaries as The Slits, Greg Tate's Burnt Sugar Arkestra , Mad Professor, Apollo Heights , Death Comet Crew (with Rammellzee), Gregor Asche, AKA DJ Olive and Raz Mesinai's Badawi. She is currently the lead singer and guitarist for The 1865.

Aydin – Cellini

space rock with psychedelic currents, Pittsburgh trio Aydin (GB-07) is composed of Shannon Mominee – guitar & voice; Karen Brooks – drums & voice; Mark Russell – accordion & voice.

Recorded by Ryan Pritts in Greensboro, NC. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

I Feel Tractor – North Dakota

I Feel Tractor (GB-08) is the musical project of poet Edmund Berrigan (City Lights), incollaboration with many friends along the way.

Edmund Berrigan – guitar, vocals; KB Jones – the singing saw, vocals; Sharon Malkin – bass, vocals; Lightning Fay – harmonica, melodica, shaker, vocals; Ben Malkin – drums, vocals; Gabriel Walsh (Earthly Frames) – keyboard, theremin, harmonium.

Produced by Gabriel Walsh at Code Owl Studio; Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

So Li’l – Enamel Animal

From Dear Kathy,' (GB-03), the second CD (EP) from the Brooklyn Band So L'il, released on Goodbye Better in 2005. This Brooklyn trio forms creepy melodic music for daydreamers to sink their heads into.

Robin Mapes: vocals, guitar; Ben Malkin: vocals, keys; Evan Sobel (Throaat): omnichord; Mike Guarino: keys. Produced & mastered by Evan Sobel.

Booboniks – Ultimate Boobs IV

These whacky gents (GB-11) bring comedy with a dose of lime, a hint of funk, and not an insignificant smattering of free jazz. Professor Johnson, Black Bill Cosby, Loose Trev, B Nasty.

Solilians – Rev’s Gold

From Shin (GB-09), this album of space drone dreams is dedicated to the late great Leonard Nimoy. Solilians are: Sharon Malkin, Benjamin Malkin, Gabriel Walsh, Neptune Sweet. This track also features Pipiawitz.

Produced by Gabriel Walsh @ Code Owl Studios. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side. http://solilians.com

So Li’l – The Great Uplifting

from the first full-length from Brooklyn band So L'il, 'Revolution Thumpin' (GB-01), released by
Goodbye Better in 2004. Deb Grayson: vocals; Evan Sobel: keys; Ben Malkin: vocals, guitar, bass, beats.

Produced, recorded, and mastered by Evan Sobel.

Kitzu – Perfect Dream

from the Post-Pacino Spectacular (GB-4.5) on Goodbye Better from 2006, this late ‘90s band was comprised of Jarvis Taveniere (Woods, Meneguar), Joey Pellot (Ovaltine), and Ben Malkin (Solilians, etc.), and originally appeared on ‘Alcohol for the Ultravioletly Insane’ (1997).


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