Theory Of Everything – Bios – Poino
Theory Of Everything – Bios – Poino

Theory Of Everything – Bios – Poino

Note – “Theory Of Everything” is an upcoming digital compilation from IHRTN. You can preview it here
Their contribution: Code Brown
Those who are familiar with the work of (sorely missed) Giddy Motors will probably recognize the voice on “Moan Loose” – the debut album from Poino.
It belongs to former GM manic Gaverick De Vis.  Poino also includes Ross Blake (Buttonhead) and John Greenhorn.

 Derived from the Greek/Latin term for pain, punishment and penalty, Poino have just released their new album ‘Moan Loose’ on Horse Arm Records . The band features Ross Blake from Buttonhead, Gaverick of the late great Giddy Motors and the flailing torse of the sonic Houdini that is John Greenhorn.

Slabs of nasty mathy goodness, and from Sarf London, aren’t they? The Poino sound is both beefy and scratchy, an angular guitar between slices of fat and shifty bass with a filling of snarling, sharp-edged enunciation. Feel the mouth ulcers.
There’s three of them, and the Poino experience contains an ex-member of the once-promising Giddy Motors, that Gaverick, declaiming in a slightly hysterical rather than laconic Mark E Smith style one minute, going off all Beefheart the next, brushing the borders of Arab On Radar – and so far Poino are delivering more than that giddy promise. Moan Loose has the confidence and fame-rejecting honesty and sheer energy of the better American underground – Dazzling Killmen, Colossamite, Sicbay, early Dumb Ask-era Cheer Accident – in short, you’d expect them to be on Skin Graft Records. Bit of Primus in there. There’s something of a UK heritage in their sound too, a proud, all too forgotton background of Homage Freaks, Scissormen, Swervedriver – I was prepared to find at least some connection with the much missed Optimist Club, but seems not to be. There’s something bleak and dangerous in there that stinks of London and dirty creativity for its own sake. Good.

The band is currently on and you can check out the dates here.
Moan Loose (Horse Arm, 2010)
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