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“At a time when indie bands all jostle for airplay with pretty guitar tones and pleasant disco beats, these Londoners dare to be ugly” (Prefixmag.com)

Giddy Motors were formed in South London in 1999 and within a couple of years they produced a number of singles, as well as two full-lengths – 2003 “Make It Pop” (produced by Steve Albini) and 2006 “Do Easy” (produced by Tobias Warwick Jones), both of which came out on UK label Fat Cat Records.
Musically, they’re mixing elements of free jazz with the intensity of Birthday Party, early Killing Joke and Jesus Lizard. One can never guess what actually comes out of lead singer Gaverick De Vis mouth (unless its self-expalantory, as with “Panzrama”), but it certainly sounds like curious and occasionaly frightening verbal nonsense, delivered mostly via screams or vocal acrobatics with erratic drumming and bass completing the picture.
Associated Bands – Bodychoke, Cranes
Whirled by Curses 7″ (2002)
Make It Pop (2002)
Magmanic / Eisbar 7″ (2003)
Do Easy (2006)
Sassy / Sap Heater single (unknown)
[youtube=http://youtube.com/watch?v=C324WeHd0G0] Magmanic

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