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Caliper Music
Created: 2010

An experimental, progressive, indie, alternative and generally weird music blog. Yes indeed.

Recent posts: Modus Pony | New Hella Album: Tripper | Wax Fingers
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Created: 2010

A definitive guide to to an artist’s body of work (studio albums only) in 140 characters

Recent posts:  Jay-Z | Brian Eno | Sade | Adam Levine
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noise, ambient, drone, post-rock, doom, sludge, experimental, metal, punk, black, stoner, garage, hardcore, post, electronica, avant-garde

Recent posts: Ulver live @ Fuzz Club | The Matador – Descent Into The Maelstrom (2011) | Esoteric – Paragon Of Dissonance
Letters From A Tapehead
Created: 2006

 Born and raised on mixtapes, record stores and music.

Recent posts: The Soft Moon – Total Decay | Shopping For Records #56: Dinosaur Jr. Is Reissued Vinyl(ly) | Daytrotter: RYAT
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The Ash Gray Proclamation
Created: 2006

A music blog from Plymouth, MA and Points North

Recent posts: Forthcoming – The Bats – Free All The Monsters | Interview + Album Giveaway: Noel Kelly of the Hush Now | This Week Short Bursts: Circus Devils, Twerps + Hallelujah The Hills
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Relentless Noisemaker
Created: 2010

The new wave, electronic, folk, garage rock + psychedelic kind of loves

Recent posts: Ben Butler & Mousepad – D More II (Video) |  Raw Thrills – Please Let It Happen To Me (MP3 / Video) | Punks On Mars (Video)
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R.I.P. / In Memoriam
10 ‘Effin Stars
Industrial Filth Pigs
Apes With Guns
Big Fat Satanist
Cutthroat 66
Dust Bowl
Electricity Meter
I Am Up Late
The Mighty Rio Grande
Tramp Stamps

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