Song Premiere: Soul Flask – Mr. Gerrat’s Barbeque
Song Premiere: Soul Flask – Mr. Gerrat’s Barbeque

Song Premiere: Soul Flask – Mr. Gerrat’s Barbeque


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What kind of a name is Soul Flask? And where is Mr. Gerrat’s Barbeque located?

First part is easy to answer – The Cassandra Complex, new album by this one-man project out of UK was named after a flask found on the beach and the subsequent reflection upon our careless relationship with garbage. Said album is built around the idea that we waste things when we really shouldn’t and its creator (whose real identity remains a mystery) also employs old VHS tapes and instruments.

Usually just questioning our accepted culture as normal without challenging it. But when looking at the bigger picture of which society does its very best to hide. You can’t help but wonder just how long we can sustain ourselves like this. I mean, we all need things to survive. But when these things come to their expiry. We cannot just bury them in landfill. That behaviour is the equivalent to the whole of the human race burying its head in the sand.

As for the second part…we couldn’t find such a place (though Garrett’s Smokehouse Barbeque in Indianapolis, IN comes close). That doesn’t mean it can’t exist in the imagination of the imaginer (to borrow a quote from Zappa), of course. I’d like to think that this is the kind of place where food never goes to waste, workers are paid well and layoffs are practically unheard of. Its highly unlikely that such a place exists in the real world, but if we can dream it, we can do it, right?

Cassandra Complex is out on April 22 via Mahorka 

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