Listen: Label Mix by Mahorka
Listen: Label Mix by Mahorka

Listen: Label Mix by Mahorka

Mahorka (Bulgaria) is one of the pioneers on the netlabel scene and one of the very few that stayed around, kept going through the years of the boom of netlabels and after that, through the rise of different platforms that allow the direct publishing and presenting of releases, with wich few of the sea of netlabels made it – the ones that have become sort of institutions in their respective fields and only a few new ones (netlabels) surfaced.
Starting innitially with presenting experimental electronic and electroacoustic music, developing big love for ambient music, making things really bigger with the “Music for elevators” compilation series, presenting different artists’, from throughout the musical spectrum, approaches to ambient music, the netlabel has never actually developed any genre/style boundaries/limits.. in fact – exactly the opposite.
Netlabel Day

Until recently we had no idea that there’s a flourishing experimental/ambient/drone scene in Bulgaria. Better late they never, as they say, and Ivo Petrov from Mahorka is here to help us rectify the situation!
Judging by their Discogs profile Mahorka just might be one of the oldest netlabels around with their first release being 2004 “Tranz Remixes” by Aneff. As of 2019 the label is still going strong and the mix that Ivo compiled for us is chock full of material from forthcoming releases. Dive in!



Moki Mcfly – Dichotomy Overture
Ab uno – Abgrund
Stefan Goranov – (Side A excerpt)
Restive – Off the rails again
skylined – oiece
HeAD – Sound Movie
Abdullah Miniawy – Rotten Human Kind (draft)
Autonomaton – A man behind the shadows
Teeth of divine – Pastoralna Kartina (Ab Uno rework)
Yourai – My heart is so loud (as loud as silence mix by Magnitophono)
Infragreen – Star Trails (Tim Koch’s Heart of the Volcano Remix)
Peter Davidson – Premonition Three
Sai – A reality like water
Swamps Up Nostrils – Cargulls
Kanalen Pluh – Stuck on this planed
Trysth – Ordeal Vision (One Tru Odd rework)
Marco Pianges – Carpark and Landscape
Protuberance – I am Protuberance (M Class Solar Flare Remix by Res)
Abu Ama – LiBaNoN vrzn
Lorenzo Tomio – Small Locks
TFSL – Beginning
krallar – withdrawal (autonomaton’s anchoresis rebuild)
Polyphonics – Moll and Dur
Other Matter – Saucerful Of Secrets


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