Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix #2 by Mahorka
Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix #2 by Mahorka

Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix #2 by Mahorka

Mahorka Record Label Releases 2019

Mahorka (Bulgaria) is one of the pioneers on the netlabel scene and one of the very few that stayed around, kept going through the years of the boom of netlabels and after that, through the rise of different platforms that allow the direct publishing and presenting of releases, with which few of the sea of netlabels made it – the ones that have become sort of institutions in their respective fields and only a few new ones (netlabels) surfaced.
Starting initially with presenting experimental electronic and electroacoustic music, developing big love for ambient music, making things really bigger with the “Music for elevators” compilation series, presenting different artists’, from throughout the musical spectrum, approaches to ambient music, the netlabel has never actually developed any genre/style boundaries/limits.. in fact – exactly the opposite. –
Netlabel Day

The holidays may be over, but the gifts keep coming! One such gift is a new label mix given to us by Ivo, head honcho of one the oldest (if not thee oldest) netlabels around – Mahorka.
While its predecessor wasn’t tied to a specific year, Volume 2 compiles music from the releases that came out in 2019. Music-wise, however, not much have changed – expect to find an incredibly wide range of sounds and moods within, from dark ambience to drone to piano pieces. Dive in!


mhrk207 (dl/digipak) aAirial – Wanderings: “Ksanti”
mhrk208 (dl/digipak) Protuberance – Recollections vol.3 (dl/digipak): “Biomechanical modulation”
mhrk209 (dl) Thomas Park – Failsafe Root: “Failsafe”
mhrk210 (dl) Michael Todd – Transmissions: Michael Todd – Cast No Reflection
mhrk211 (dl) Fluidian + E.U.E.R.P.I. – Uranus Session: “part 2”
mhrk212 (dl) Fantastic Swimmers – Piano Concert I: “Circle I. Sector I – V.Siamaska”
mhrk213 (dl) CollAGE D – CollAGE D(eux): “L’espace dans un homme”
mhrk214 (dl) Hypnos – FEARWELL: “Reproach”
mhrk215 (dl) Swamps Up Nostrils – Pronoia: “Blunderphonics”
mhrk216 (dl/cassette) Takahiro Mukai – Gently Close The Mouth: “#411”
mhrk217 (dl/cassette) Sai – Random Motion of Particles: “How loud can you scream when your mouth is closed”
mhrk218 (dl) HeAD – D’un espace a l’autre: “We are like the dreamer”
mhrk219 (dl) xDEx – PANTA RHEI: “Le corbeau et ses amis”
mhrk220 (dl) 4T Thieves – Squares of coloured circles: “Captive Portal – When we were once (4T Thieves reconstruction)”
mhrk221 (dl) Philippe Neau – white *: excerpt
mhrk222 (dl/digipak) Natura Est – Second: “The Flawless Shore”
mhrk223 (dl) V – 23.56.04: “Poncho”
mhrk224 (dl/cassette) Stefan Goranov – Minimal Images: “Side B”
mhrk225 (dl/cassette) SANMI + Masato Kimura – Conga Brava Suite: excerpt
mhrk226 (dl) Thomas Park – Mahorka Remixes Vol.4 (Early Mahorka Iterations): “Iteration #01”
mhrk227 (dl/digipak) 4T Thieves – Hauntology: “Aquaverde”
mhrk228 (dl/digipak – still not released!) Teeth Of Divine – Act I – Genesis: “Enchanted


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